Sitting After A TKR

One of the most frequent questions I receive from my readers involves the effects of sitting for any amount of time after having a total knee replacement. If your situation is similar to mine…it varies situation to situation, day to day.  Or, as Bob Dylan would say…”The answer is blowing in the wind”.

My tkr was done in February 2008 and I still get stiff after sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time. Sometimes it is worse than others. And, it depends upon the type of chair I’m sitting in, how long I’ve been sitting, my spinal posture, and the position of my legs.

On less than contentful days, my tkr knee is swollen, stiff, and painful after sitting in the same position. Even when I shift positions, it can still exhibit these symptoms. On these days, sometimes the pain is combined with my nerve damage and shoots up to my lower back. It usually lessens within a minute or two, luckily. It could be much worse. Either way you look at it…it is much better than before my tkr surgery.

On better days, all I usually need upon rising from a seated position is something to hold on to. I make a concentrated effort to put emphasis on my tkr leg since I’ve been favoring my good leg for way too long. That’s not good and my “good” knee is telling me so. 😕

I still don’t sit with crossed ankles and am not planning on doing it. I like to sit with my feet firmly planted on the floor, with my legs parallel to the floor.

So, 16 months after my total knee replacement, my knee is still swollen and can be painful after sitting.

BTW…sitting is the easy part. It’s the standing that gets me. 😕

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  1. I’ve been having this problem a lot these past 4-5 weeks…..I’ll be sitting comfortably for a while, no pain or discomfort until I start to move my leg to stand up, and my quads just freeze……it takes me a minute to get it going!

    The good news though, is, we got the pool open last weekend, and after filtering the green water for 5 days….the water if finally sparkling clear! Swimming time at last!

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