Six Months Post TKR Update

Hi everyone. Where has the time gone? It’s been six months to the day that my tkr surgery took place. Where am I? Well, here is my six months post tkr update:

I can walk up stairs without any joint pain. The speed will come. I still take my time.

I can walk distances without joint pain.

I can slowly walk downstairs. It is still painful in my tissues and muscles. This is a very slow process.

My knee is still swollen.

After sitting at a desk, my leg is swollen from knee to toe. I elevate it as soon as possible.

Some of my scar is starting to turn white.

A portion of my 10″ scar is purplish in color.

I have control over my leg muscles, this is quite an accomplishment from day one.

My femoral block punctures are completely healed.

I still need to increase my knee flexibility.

Everyone has different rates of recuperation, but I am surprised my knee is still swollen after six months. That’s all, no big deal.

The decrease in my pain level, however, is tremendous.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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  1. Had partial knee replacement in sept. Of 2016 so six months in still have soreness, tightness and swelling. Had a slight slip on two stairs and actuall did my own manipulation procedure, bent the leg totally back. Dr. Said everything is still in place . But am having issues when I do exercising, ride bike on trainer or even doing short walks my knee will tighten up so bad I can barely bend or walk on it and the pain is intolerable, have to ice it and do heat every 20 min. Don’t know if it is because my mustles are still weak .

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