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Sleeping Concerns after a Total Knee Replacement

It seems to be a common consensus that patients have difficulty sleeping after undergoing a total knee replacement (tkr). I have received comments from some readers, and I can attest to the concern myself.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, that I had a damaged nerve alongside my knee that causes problems. The damaged nerve is the result of bone spurs forming on each side of my damaged knee.

Well, that nerve problem results in my not getting a good night’s sleep. Irregardless of the position I am in, I awake experiencing pain from this. Luckily, the pain does not last. However, when it’s there…’s there. It’s sharp and quick.

Upon standing up from a prone position, I must wait a moment until my knee and body align. I find that the nerve pain diminishes when I bend my torso to the right. Experimentation is always underway. 🙂

I am not complaining, just stating a fact. My situation could be much worse and I am grateful it only involves a disruption of my sleep patterns.

Hope this helps others going through the same situation.

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136 comments to Sleeping Concerns after a Total Knee Replacement

  • Cindy

    TKR on right knee 3/2010. Absolutely no problems. Did the PD. TKR on left knee 8/2010. Not as good…trouble bending at first. PT helped a lot. Wateraerobics is the best therapy! Still have pain when bending left knee…and will sometimes wake me up at night – but far better than the pain experienced from bone-on-bone caused by 25 years of RA. For those who have trouble sleeping – I did too…but it finally gets better as mobility comes back and it starts healing. Remember – this is MAJOR surgery…they cut and drill into your bones! All in all VERY happy with the results I have experienced.

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  • Hello there, I found your blog via Google while searching for a similar subject, your website got here up, it appears good. It’s nice to know others are experiencing the same thing. I have added to my favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  • Fantastic to know I’m not alone. I really like what you’ve obtained right here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way you are saying it. You make it entertaining and informative. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is actually a tremendous website.

  • John Stiver

    It will take some time but u will be recover soon…very nice website..

  • Billie

    8 weeks post op TKR, have full extension since week 1 and now at 130 degrees Flexion. PT is going great, moving into after care program. Still having trouble sitting for 2 hours or longer, wish I had a couch in my office! Started walking the treadmill this week, 3 mph and now having terrible pain in my tibia/calf. Seeing OS today on a follow up, will talk to him about pain. Sleep is elusive – 2 hr stretches is the norm, helps me to savor the 1 night a week I get 4 hrs. This site is one of the most helpful, I don’t feel like I am crazy and that my progress is normal!

  • had total knee replacement 4 weeks ago, sleeping is very tough….any remedies or solutions? Thanks

  • booktoo1

    Hi Harvey,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. You can find more information in my new book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After A Total Knee Replacement.” It contains over 100 real-life stories that can help you.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

    Marie (aka Booktoots)

  • Geoff Davis

    Hi everyone. Had my left knee TKR 6mths ago. Chronic knee pain for forty years after sporting accident now 61, had been able to maintain good health and muscle tone pre op until it ‘blew up’ just prior to op. Due to prior injury had limited extension and flex. This website presents a consistent understanding of my experience. Was able to hobble out of hospital, never used a walker, only used one crutch for extended walks, was able to go up and down full stair flight normally at three weeks initially going up is easiest – good goes to heaven bad goes to hell. Was able to walk lengthy distance at four weeks and was off hard core pain relief at four weeks. Had 140 motion at six weeks. Three negative things stand out, I underestimated post op fatigue this really knocked me around and still am not back to normal endurance, restless leg still have symptons although nearly gone, this adds to fatigue as my sleep loss early was more caused by this than pain (drives my wife mad), still have not fully recovered lost muscle tone in lower leg, quads seem OK. I amazed at my weight bearing ability my left knee is now not the weakest link in the chain. Lost about ten pounds in weight. I am building a 50ft boat and it was four months before my body endurance allowed me to work three back to back ten hour days.
    Why such a good outcome, exercise, ice, rest and good pain relief, exercise, ice and rest non stop for the first four weeks, I was obsessed. All on a two hour rotation day and night. I used an ‘ice machine’ to minimise swelling and improve pain relief. My PT was big on deep tissue massage and core strength, each session was more about new execise rather than actual doing exercie in the session. I still ice daily. I play regular contact football with my grandsons, struggle with sideways motion though. When I got back in the pool initially found it hard to coordinate for good swimming – a bit of a safety warning. Mostly used the pool for low load extension early in the recovery phase. Reckon having operation in (Australian) winter best time as no doubt the more you exercise the hotter your knee will get one evening early I measured it at 42.2C really scared me. Would not have liked recovery in our summer.
    Most important I paid for the best surgeon in town.
    All the best and no matter how happy I am its still a minimum twelve month journey.
    Geoff xxxxxxxxxx

  • Elida Howard

    Hey there, You have done a great job. I will definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends.
    I’m sure they will be benefited from this site.

  • K

    My husband is 2 1/2 weeks post TKR and it has been difficult! He is trying to find something to help him sleep better. Some kind of pillow btwn the legs. We have tried small knee pillow, a memory foam pillow that dips in the middle a reg pillow, a towel… So far nothing works. Even taking Ambian only works for a few hours. Suggestions anyone?

  • Carole

    I am now four months out with a tkr on my left and reconstruction on my right at the same time. I am still having horrible pain in the back of my tkr and burning on the sides, does any one else having this problem. I have great range of motion 130+, still sore when I get up from sitting. Stiffness is there when I sit too long. I still don’t sleep through the night the stiffness and pain from locking my legs when I do sleep. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all.

  • booktoo1

    Hi Carole,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. You’re lucky to have a 130+ ROM. Mine’s about 95. You’re experiencing the same symptoms I was.
    I have authored a book about dealing with insomnia after a tkr that’s available to help you feel less alone. Click on my Storefront page for more info.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  • so glad i found this site. comforting to know others are experiencing sleeplessness. 34 days post surgery (right knee). one week with walker, one with cane. no longer need cane except for outdoors–more psychological than physical need.i have slept a total of 150 hours at night, even after taking 2 percoset (only time i take pain meds). pain wakes me. if i get up and walk the pain ends. but i can’t go back to sleep. have seen more sunrises in the last 30 days than i have in my lifetime. neither doc nor rn nor physical therapist can give explanation. I have 122 degrees after 3x/week in-home therapy for 2 weeks; 2x/week for 2 weeks outpatient. do exercises at home daily. driving for a week (and shopping!) with no problems.
    suppose i should be grateful, but i’m soooo tired.

  • Kay

    At 68 had meniscus tear surgery and expected it to be no problem but despite 4 bouts of pt and 3 months of walking in warm water, had to have TKA.

    Ligaments were an unforseen problem so had to stay at rehab for 2 weeks after surgery. To protect ligaments I wore a brace allowing no rom exercises for 5 weeks. Had home health for 3 wks and outside pt for 4 wks. Leg straighten is at 2 and bending at 108.

    Problem now is months of limited sleep. A hydro- codone before bed helps me sleep maybe 2-3 hours then awake. Lower back and legs seem tense and active. Have started 2 caps of gabapentin 100mg before bed hoping to quiet nerves in legs.

    Non operated knee seems sore at times. Once I am walking am okay on tka leg; getting up can be a problem. I hope never to have any surgery again.

  • Hi Kay,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your insightful comment. Limited sleep is a good way of putting it. Hang in there, stay in touch and good luck!

  • Tony

    Hi there. TKR on 25.9.12. Good recovery and am now in group phsyiotherapy after individual therapy. Not sure what my bend is – must check next time.

    Sleep is a problem. About one hour and then wake up to either read or watch TV and then exhausted back to sleep for hour. I find intervals were one hour and now stretching to 2 hours. Am 73 so not working. It seems to be incremental, the recovery and so am hanging on and hoping for more sleep at night.

    Having to urinate is also problem since it wakes you up but that is age I guess.

    Both sticks after one week. One stick after 2 weeks and can now walk without support at three weeks – slowly.

  • Hi Tony,
    I just sent a personal reply to your email address as well. Thanks for posting your informative comment, which I am certain will help others going through the same thing. Sounds like you’re doing great!
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  • Penny

    Had tkr oct 8 and they now have me at 95 to 110 first few weeks all I did was cry it hurt so bad this is my second one had the other one done two years ago god that was horrible I was having muscle spasms as well but started eating bananas and that helped but still can’t seem to find a good spot to sleep leg feels like I got lead in it feels so heavy having problems bending while walking these compression stockings are the worse I hate them they feel so dam tight I’m worried that I’m gonna have to wear a brace again if I can’t bend my knee after so many weeks of therepy I had to wear it for 3to 4 weeks and sleep was impossible truly sucks but I’m trying to stay positive and celebrate the little thing that happened with me this time around which doesn’t help at all I developed a deep tissue ulcer and you talk about horrible pain bad enough tkr I’ve had this for a month now it’s getting better but it was not helping me during pt they been helping me with it and it seems to be getting a little better but not fast enough for me.i going tomorrow for pt.

  • Tom

    Two weeks after tkr ( Nov. 14 ), and it’s 2AM for the tenth day in a row and I can’t sleep. Knee feels ok after exercises, but stiffens up after sitting for 20 minutes after applying ice. PT says I’m doing well, but that is not helping when trying to sleep. I guess I’m not cut out for long term rehab.

  • Rosemarie

    Reading all the posts about lack of sleep made me realize that what I’m experiencing is the norm. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t get a good night’s sleep. Plan on starting to work from home in a couple weeks and hope something changes by that time.

  • mick

    I am 2weeks from having me tkr with rods up and down me leg to keep the knee in place can’t bend past 10/15degrees,hurts if I try to bend further very depressed about it not fully walking yet still using crutches, I am 42 had to get op due to car accident in 2006.being down is an understatement!!

  • Terri

    I had Left TKR mid Nov. & the comments I have been reading help validate my disrupted sleep and provide some comfort ( but the frustration remains). I am a person that prior to surgery would put my head on the pillow & fall to sleep and sleep through the night. Now I dread the nights, with fragmented sleep and usually waking up after an hour or 2, followed by hours of not being able to sleep. It sounds like it will work out with time-hope so~

  • Ivy Westmoreland

    On 12/13/12, I had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery. 5 days in the hospital and 3 weeks in a nursing care facility. I am home and going to PT 2 x per week in a heated pool. So far, I am recovering quite well, however, I am unable to sleep at night and can not figure out what the problem is and I am becoming very cranky. I just happened to find this blog by mistake and hope that someone can advise me whether or not I need sleeping medicine or why I am unable to sleep.

  • Hi Ivy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment about your sleep concerns. This site does not give medical advice, only shares experiences of going through a total knee replacement. Only you and your medical care provider can decide if you need sleeping medicine.
    For more insight into sleeping difficulties after your tkr, purchase a copy of my book that contains over 100 patient stories. There’s bound to be something in it that applies to your situation.
    Good luck!

  • Gina

    Hi TKR mates, I had a left tkr on 01/22/12. I too am having sleeping issues. My biggest problem is that I’m a belly sleeper and I just can’t fall asleep on my back. Another problem I have/had is restless leg syndrome in my left leg. I have however found 2 things that help; one is sleeping on the couch, leaning into the back gives me the security I had when I could sleep on my stomach, the other is an old Dr. scholl’s heat/massager we had found collecting dust in our closet, I use this on my left calf, foot and behind my knee for 15 minutes every night. I think I’ve turned the corner on pain and my rom is about 110. I really hate Pt and have found 2 things on my own that has increased my rom. One is sliding your foot forward then back while sitting in a full tub of water, the other is forcing myself to walk down steps 1 foot at a time. I wish everyone good luck and a speedy recovery…

  • Gina

    Sorry my tkr date was 01/2213 not 01/22/12

  • Nana Jan

    Hello! I was starting to think I was alone in my inability to sleep following my right TKR on 2/4/13. I am a right sided sleeper. I take a Percocet before bed. I usually sleep an hour or two, then when I move in my sleep, my knee feels stiff and sore and wakes me up. I can’t stand to have anything touching my leg, like a pillow, the other leg, or even the blankets. All else is going great. I am walking independently, no pain meds during the day and bending to a 90 degree angle. I am staying up more during the day and not resting so much. Also I am doing some household tasks like laundry and light cooking and loading dishwasher, etc. it’s like at night time I have a different knee! I love my CPM machine and am considering sleeping with it on during the night. Any other insightful suggestions? I really don’t like the idea of sleep aides on top of Percocet. Thanks for any suggestions that you can offer!

  • Manny K

    Good day to my TKR family. I’m a 47 yr old male who played alot of playground basketball in the streets of New York City. After 3 scopes on my left knee since 1985 and the pain, discomfort and limping that ensued, I decided to have a TKR, which was performed on 2/4/13. I’m progressing well. A little under three (3) weeks since surgery, i’m walking with a cane and no real issues other than pain in left foot and sleep issues. I figure the blood thinner is a contributing factor for the insomnia. The sharp needle like sensations in my left foot are real concerns. I see my dr this coming Tues to discuss and evaluate. Stay strong and positive all and thank you much Booktoots for starting this blog and sharing other’s TKR experiences.

  • Hi Manny,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your positive feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying my site. You’re welcome..:)

  • Pat

    6 weeks post surgery, everything good except for the sleep thing. Sounds like its a common problem that hopefully goes away after possibly cleaning out the pain meds. I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten rid of them after stopping them a week and a half ago. It’s frustrating, but could be worse, considering pre-surgery issues, mid day nap is helping a bit. Thanks for this site, it’s good to know I’m not alone. Cheers.

  • Hi Pat,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment about sleeping concerns. I have a book for sale titled ‘Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR’ that can be purchased through my storefront. This may help you further.
    Good luck and stay in touch…

  • I am going to have total knee replacement on my left knee in August and then my right knee in November. I can only sleep on my stomach. I am really worried that I won’t be able to after my surgery and not just for the first six months to a year, I’m worried about years down the road. Does anyone know if sleeping on your stomach is fine, no pain, etc. after a few months after surgery. I know it sounds silly but this is a big concern for me. Thanks Wendy

  • Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your sleeping position concern comment. Your question doesn’t sound silly, just inquisitive. Due to the fact I am not a stomach-side sleeper, I cannot provide an answer to your dilemma. Hopefully, others will step up and leave their experiences.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  • Wendy

    Hi, I’m the pre-surgery person. Everyone seems to say they cannot sleep after total knee replacement? Why? Is it because of pain? I’m getting more and more nervous of having this surgery. Does anyone know if I will eventually be able to sleep on my stomach after my surgery or will it be too painful. Any replies are welcome. Also, how painful is the knee after surgery? It sounds very, very painful to me from everyone’s comments. Is this surgery worth having? Thanks Wendy

  • Hi Wendy,
    I sent you a private message when you posted your first comment. Did you receive it?

  • Ron Z

    I had my right knee done on 11/7/12 and my left on 3/13/13. Sleeping is tough just like everyone else. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel. Any history of this going away after a while.

  • Tom

    7 weeks after TKR, rehab has gone well, feel I could play some golf if I wanted. Big problem is insomnia, all my life I would fall asleep within a minute or two, now I go to bed at 10pm and am still looking at the clock at 3am. I thought it was withdrawals from the oxy which I quit at 2 5mg a day 5 days ago. Tried ambien with no luck.
    I DREAD BED! Hoping it gets better soon, I don’t know exactly what restless leg syndrome is…but it feels like it every night.

  • Bej

    I had a right TKR on May 13th. To the person concerned about pain, I was very surprised that pain was in general not an issue. However, my surgeon used a protocol that apparently reduces the need for postop pain meds. It involves administering Celebrex immediately before surgery and continuing it for two weeks afterwards. I did not have to use any PCA (patient controlled anesthesia) in the hospital, and the only pain medication I used was tablet Hydrocodone, in moderate quantities. HOWEVER, in home health PT, about three weeks post op, an over avid therapist tightened the resistance on my stationary bike far too early, resulting in a now VERY painful hamstring injury in my non-operated leg. Bluntly, it is KILLING me, and to some extent is handicapping rehab for my operated knee. Outpatient PT has been treating the hamstring injury with some sort of electrical mat and ice. I have been continuing ice at home, BUT truthfully I haven’t seen much improvement. Tonight I tried switching to a heating pad, but couldn’t find any information on the advisability of doing that. As far as sleep–I have a definite need for more sleep, often during the day, even if I sleep at night! I’m an avid reader, but since surgery, 10 pages in and I’m nodding off! Also, fatigue comes on very quickly, but prior to surgery for many months, I was getting no exercise. I have searched and searched for intelligent “support sites,” finding none, and then lo and behold I found this one. I am so grateful. At least I get to vent. As far as pain making one fearful of the op–that’s what pain meds are for–and don’t be afraid to ask for them or use them!

  • Hi Bej,
    Thanks for visiting my site and posting your quite interesting comment. It’s always nice to hear that my site is helping others. It’s also great to hear about other tkr stories and yours is compelling. I found ice to be an excellent natural pain killer. As stated in posts throughout this site, none of the prescribed medications worked on me. They just got me sick. Ice didn’t. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Astara

    I had my TKR on Right Knee on 10 April 2013. It is now just gone 3 months and I am having so much trouble sleeping at night. I might get 3 or 4 hours if I’m lucky (sometimes 2) and then I’m awake tossing and turning. I seem to have tried everything. I am trying not to take codeine at night as sometimes it doesn’t seem to help. Because I turn round so much at night I find the right knee has tremendous pain in the back and in the inside of the knee. It is excruciating and I cannot sleep. The day time isn’t too bad now and I’m walking a reasonable distance (1/2 hour). I’ve got the bend to over 95 I think, and I’m not seeing the physio any more. Had trouble getting the bend in the beginning but the straightening is ok. Pain down the back of the leg though. Not sure why. What I was most concerned about was the trouble sleeping and waking my husband all the time. I thought it should be ok by this time, but it looks like it’s normal. Thank you for your site. Have tried a pillow but it moves every time I move and I am in pain lifting the leg up to put it back all the time. I find if I sleep on my front (numb the pain in the knee) – a position I’ve never slept in before, it helps.

  • Annie

    Hi – I had my left TKR on 28 May 2013. While in hospital pain was manageable – week 2 once home, was the hardest, suppose hospital meds had worn off! Had the same problems most people seem to have to deal with – was very worried about the bend but managed 112 on week 4 after working hard at exercises. Also found that physio seemed to aggravate a bit …. The best help was getting my husband and daughter to massage the sore leg muscles as they seem to be full of ‘knots’. However, the worst is coping with lack of sleep. I was given a sleeping tablet which I halve, and that will give me 4 hours sleep. If I bend my knees while sleeping, the pain wakes me up and I have to try and turn from left to right side which also hurts the knee. Pressure from heavy bedding does not help. I have found that a really soft spongy pillow placed under the leg from knee to ankle lifts the knee at just the right angle from the bed. Electric blanket in our South African winter helps. Go well to everyone battling along with me – thank you for your postings – this has given me courage knowing that we are all in the same boat! TKR is not for sissies!

  • Hi Annie,
    Thanks for leaving your inspiring comment on my site. It’s great hearing how well you’re doing. I’m sure my eraders will enjoy it as much as I have. Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Martyn

    I had a TKR of my left knee in February 2013 and of my right knee in May 2013. I was admitted to another hospital within 48 hours of being discharged in the latter case, because of chronic pain and severe swelling of my right ankle and knee. After another 6 days in hospital, I was released on a different medication. Although both knees have improved, with flexes in excess of 110, the pain at night is so severe, that I have to get up within an hour of going to bed and cannot get back to sleep. For the last three weeks, I have managed on average an hour and a half of sleep at night, although I do cat nap during the day. It is helpful to know that other people suffer similar problems but frustrating that there appears to be no easy solutions. I am booked into an Acute Pain Clinic in August, but after reading reports about the outcomes, am not convinced that this will bring about any major improvement. I wonder just how long, I can manage on such a small amount of sleep.

  • Hi Astara,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. Glad to hear that sleeping on your stomach does the job of reducing pain. Maybe others will try it out. It wouldn’t work for me due to previously fracturing my C-1 (broken neck). Just goes to show how we’re all different, yet the same. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Astara

    Thanks Booktoots.
    I am finding now though, that sleeping on the stomach is almost as painful on the knee. I just turn round and round at night, and when I turn the knee sideways in order to turn, it is very, very painful. The inside of the knee is awful. Behind the knee is bad too…but I have a lot of trouble bending it from a straight position. It seems to shoot down the whole leg. I guess you have to be tough to go through an operation like this. As Annie commented “it is not for sissies”!!

  • marci

    I was glad to see that I am not alone in my insomnia. PT and doctor’s office weren’t very helpful with solutions though. I prop the knee on a body pillow lengthwise at night with ice and that with the pain meds seems to help. I just pray it improves soon. I try to keep in mind that no one ever died from lack of sleep. Thanks for the site.

  • Lillian

    Appreciate this post. Good timing. Let me try it out.

  • Hi all
    It is now 5-1/2 months today since the operation on right knee. I still find I sleep better laying on my front with leg straight down. I turn around and try and bend it as much as I can, because it makes walking when getting out of bed easier. Otherwise it is just stiff all the next day. I must admit, it is better, but oh so slowly. It is getting to be almost normal, apart from very sore inside the knee. I was like a pig on a spit in the beginning…turning round and round and round at night, trying to get comfortable 🙂 Thankfully I do sleep better now. I hope you all find you can sleep easier as time passes. Daytime is almost ok now. All I can offer, is that time does heal. It is just slow. Take care everybody. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Nola

    July 22 2013, Rt TKR Pain was off the chain. 10/10 does not even come close to describing the intense deep burning pain. That was after 2 weeks of intense outpatient PT. Now, I was able to bend and flex, the therapist was great, every day was more easier the CPM machine would lull me to sleep and keep the knee flexible.
    3-6th week I ate percocet 5mg q 4 hours. Pain was unbearable. Burning incision deep throbbing intense nail drilling bone pain. I read about a man that wrapped his knee with PLASTIC food wrap (saran wrap) LOOSELY He put lotion/cream/coconut oil on the knee first and only if the suture line was healed, wrapped it loose IT WORKED. I was able to sleep. VOODOO but who cares I could sleep. Five circles of plastic wrap.
    Withdrawl from percocet to follow

  • Don

    Found Tylenol or acetometophin PM (PM!) works well for sleeping. NO side affects, and getting about 4 hours straight sleep. TKR on 8/27/13, Getting over 125 RoM, working out at the gym daily, doing a lot of bends throughout the day. Just like everyone, it’s been painful but perseverance pays off!

  • Steve

    Have just completed 2nd TKR 10/13. Minimal pain; 1-3. Five weeks later, off medication. Discovered that when I can’t sleep if I exercise lightly, perhaps walk around the house a time or two my body relaxes and I have less twitchy leg syndrome. Will still only sleep 2-4 hrs. @ a time. However, I’m more relaxed about it. If you fight it, it will fight back. Easy to say, tough to accept. Age, 66; first TKR six years prior. Should take another 5 strokes off my golf game (slight humor).

  • Annie Scott

    had total knee replacement 4 mts ago, sleeping is very tough….any remedies or solutions?

  • Hi Annie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr sleeping concern comment. I also sent a personal reply.
    We all completely understand your dilemma. Insomnia is rampant after this demanding surgery.
    Please visit my Storefront page. There you will find my book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After A TKR”. It’s available in a number of formats, through various online sites. It’s also available as a PDF document, for quick access. It contains valuable insight to make your process easier.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  • steve

    11/16: Another night more lost sleep. But then we have the Booktoot blog as our 12 step program, to help see us through. Am having a troubling night: 2, 1-1/2 hr. sessions of sleep: the surgical trauma is active tonight. I may have been knocked out however, someone forgot to turn off my subconscious. Starting to turn over @ night. That means I feel my scar tissue ripping like I’m up-rooting stitches. Very uncomfortable. My pain level; still only @ 1-3. Which means, during the day I’m @ 1 and @ night, when I roll over, I’m @ 3. Now for therapy to ease my mind. I will start with my favorite exercise: verticle leg slide. The slide where you are flat on your back and bring your repaired leg towards your head. After I slide leg up as far as I can I reverse the slide towards the foot of my bed. I use a 4″ X 7-1/2’rubber band to provide resistence on the way down. Provided by PT @ hospital. No resistance up, pull back on the band when moving down: makes returning easier. Vast improvement from 1st surgery. More exercises to do now. I only do 1/2 the reps. in the wee hrs. though. Luck to all from the Pacific NW.

  • steve

    PH should have been PT (physical therapy).

  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving your very insightful tkr comment. I’m sure others will find it as useful as I have.
    Your comment about my site being a “12 step program” is priceless. If you were sitting in front of me, you’d see me smiling from ear to ear with tears in my eyes.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • I changed it for you, Steve. Thanks for your astute attention to detail.
    Good luck!

  • Terri

    After 2 months having trouble sleeping through the night. Getting up and doing light exercise does help (hear you, Steve!). I go back to sleep afterwards.

  • Lenard J. Owens

    Had first TKR of right knee eight years ago with pretty good results, though only achieved about 120 degrees of bend. The pain was better the day after surgery than the day before. Had TKR of left knee on 11/18/2013 with great results. Light years better than the first surgery – different surgeon. No walker; no crutches; no cane. 100 degrees of bend after one week. Now it has been seven weeks and I have 135 degrees. I walk without a limp and can go up and down stairs without a problem. I go to the gym everyday. Minimal pain, but I still have a hard time sleeping.

  • Hi Lenard,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your inspiring tkr comment. Great to hear you’re doing so well with your second tkr (except for the sleep). Wow…I’m impressed!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Dede


    1-17-2014 @ 5:00 pm

    Had surgery November 19,2013. I still have swelling and numbness. I ice my
    knee a couple times a day. I have been told that it is normal for some people
    up to 4 months. Sleeping is getting better. I usually take a pain pill beforehand.
    Before my surgery I had pain day and night. I remind myself how much it hurt then.
    It is getting better.????

  • Chuck

    As a 46 year old I just had the TKR on the left knee on 21-Feb-2014. Like all commenting on the site the ability to sleep at night is a challenge although the pain meds help put me to sleep. I look forward to following the advice on the site and getting this under control.

    Supposed to do the right knee in the summer. Before the surgery I said “bring it on!” Now I have to admit I am a bit timid to do this twice.

  • Fred

    I’m 56yo and had 1st TKR Feb 2013 due to years of OA and after arthro scope, suparz and cortisone shots no longer helped. Worked hard in exercises and PT though it was quite painful at times. Hit the full extension and 135+ ROM around 6 weeks. I’d say about the 9 month mark is when I really appreciated the new knee as I pretty much forgot about it, which means I had no issues with it. So about 1 year later, Jan 2014, I had 2nd TKR. Similar results as I worked hard in therapy and hit 135+ in 5 weeks. Seems this time though getting a decent nights sleep is much worse. I still have to take pain meds each night to allievate restless leg and muscle/tendon discomfort. The ‘pain’ is just too much that I cannot get to sleep. I welcome thoughts from others who have experienced this on solutions other than my doc’s narcotic pain meds, to get a few hours of continuous sleep.

  • Kaki

    Had my TKR March 3, 2014. It has been wonderful all but the sleepless nights but they are getting better. I walk around the house for about 3-5 minutes and put an ice pack on my knee and go back to bed and sleep 2-3 hours. The clay ice packs that have a Velcro strap work great to secure it around the knee to use in the bed. They mold to your knee too – you can get them at CVS and Walgreen. After about 20 minutes if not asleep I pull it off and usually go back to sleep. No pain med needed because the ice pack has numbed the knee area. I think some nights are getting better than others. It seems if I can take a nap during the day I sleep better. Sure love seeing what works for others – this blog is wonderful.

  • Mike

    This post is going to be lengthy but I feel like it’s neccesary to tell my story and about all the things the doctors didn’t prepare me for. My TKR episode is a mirror image of Geoff Davis’ post with a few differences he didn’t bring up or encounter. I am 61 years old and had a major knee sports injury when I was 24. After getting over it I played a 150 game per year schedule in tournament softball until I turned 50. My knee couldn’t take it any longer. Decided to take up golf and took dance lessons. After 10 years I developed major pain and swelling after dancing at a wedding. X rays showed I had bone on bone and arthrytis had set in. I went in for surgery on Jan. 7, 2014 for a 3-1/2 day stay, having one of the top doctors in the Charlotte, NC area. Surgery took 2 hrs. with a spinal. They had me up walking after the 2nd day with a walker and was even able to go up and down a full flight of stairs the last two days. Sleep was tough as I am a stomach or side sleeper. The pain meds had me believing this was going to be a breeze and also brought on something I had never encountered. Major constipation. The whole time I was in the hospital I never had a BM. They recommended Colace and Dulcolax. Neither helped at all. For several days after I went home I was so backed up that I quit eating. Finally had my wife pick up an enema. Thought I was going to have to deliver by Ceasarian section but it worked. This routine continued for several weeks until a drugist recommended Senna Plus. It worked. I had a continuous leg motion machine, compression machine, and an ice machine hook ups at hospital and home for 3 weeks. My doctor is also the first in our area to use injections rather than aspirin or oral drugs for anti clotting. I had to give myself a shot each morning for 2 weeks. No big deal. Under my normal day of in home and self PT, pain was not an issue due to taking 5 mg. Oxycodone every 3 hours religiously. I found out the hard way by sleeping past the limit my first night at home. After that I set my alarm. Also I developed Bursitis from my ligaments and tendons having to be streached back into place. Very irritating. Felt like hundreds of hot needles lightly poking me in the side of my thigh. They gave me a Litacane topical solution that deadened the area. It lasted about a month and then disappeared. They sent me home with a walker but I never used it. I tried using a crutch for a couple of days but found I didn’t need that around the house either. Within a week and a half I started walking a half a mile each day using a crutch and even made it in the snow a few days. In no time I was up to a mile. PT was rough as my ROM was 90 upon leaving the hospital. The in home therapist couldn’t get my range to improve at all for the 3 weeks she worked with me. When I went to my first post op visit with the doctor, he made me aware of the fact that if my range didn’t improve within the 8-12 week window, they would have to break down the scar tissue surgicaly. It was then that I developed a serious bout with depression that floored me and my wife. It has subsided but still lingers from time to time. Getting out and doing the routine things I used to do helped. I then began my twice a week therapy at their facility, at which I was nicknamed “The Overachiever”. If they said do 3 reps of 10, I’d do 4 reps of 20. My therapist had to call me down continuously like alittle kid. She said that between overdoing my exersizes and the excessive walking, I was causing my knee to swell so much that it was hindering me reaching the 120 goal. I slowed down and learned to use ice more effectively. By now I had quit taking Oxycodone and was taking 2 Tramadol pills every 4-6 hrs. As stated before, sleep was very tough as I had to lay face up during the first month and a half. Eventually with the aid of a strategically placed pillow I was able to sleep on my side. Over a 5 week period I eventualy got my ROM to 120. During this time I only took 2 Tramadol the morning before my PT and just before bed. I was able to sleep a full 8 hrs. When my PT ended, on a whim I thought I’d try taking just Extra StrengthTylenol one night at bedtime. Bad idea. Didn’t sleep a wink and had a severe bout with restless leg syndrome. It freaked my wife out. When I told her what I had done she said I should have never quit cold turkey and said I’d have to ween off slowly. I had been taking just the 2 Tramadol before going to bed and have slept fine. The problem is now I don’t have enough pain to warrant taking the hard stuff. During the day I am fine taking Tylenol after doing yard work or sometimes after using our elliptical machine. It’s at night when my senses have nothing else to do but concentrate on the knee that I have the problem. Being almost 4 months post op, I felt like it was time to move past the Tramadol. I tried to take one Tramadol along with a Tylenol PM and it worked. After a week I’ve tried to go with just 2 Tylenol PM and found that I would lay in bed for an hour or more tossing and turning, trying to find just the right position to no avail and totally disturbing my wife. The leg spasms come and go in a timed ritual. I eventually have to get up and watch TV or read on the computer about other people’s TKR problems with sleep. This past week I have probably averaged no more than 2-3 hrs. of sleep per night. Also I can’t sit normally for very long without having to streach out my leg. Gets kinda awkward in restaurants. After finding this blog, it lets me know that sleep problems are very common with those of us that have had this extremely invasive surgery. I guess I will go back to taking a Tramadol and Tylenol PM for a while to see if it helps. On a good note, I was able to play golf last week for the first time since surgery.

  • Hi Mike,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. It’s quite a story that I’m certain others will benefit from. Keep up the great work and stay in touch! Good luck!

  • Bob

    I just had a left TNR four days ago. The right knee was done two years ago. I work the night shift ordinarily so while recovering not only am I dealing with post-operative issues but also the change in what is my normal sleep schedule. Fortunately I have some experience to draw on and the lessons I learned from the first surgery have been helpful. ,though I suspect not completely, as I am visiting a blog that offers advice on that very question. I am thankful for all the help your site has provided. One thing I have learned is not to restrict yourself to a bed for sleep. I personally have had my best sleep on a regular armchair with a hammock. I am putting two good-sized pillows on the hassock and covering with blankets and I am able to get three to four hours of sleep, not deep sleep. But much better than I would have suspected this soon after surgery. Everyone is different so there is some trial and error involved. Most people should be able to find their comfort zone. I think I have found mine and if I can stay in that zone and remember to use my pain meds in a manner consistent with the doctor’s instructions I should be ok.

  • Bob

    I have just had a left TNR 4 days ago. I had the right knee done two years ago. I am mid-fifties and obviously having had one done already knew what I was getting into as far as all the post-operative issues that come along with the surgery. I also knew sleep, while it wouldn’t be perfect during recovery, would be important. I am thankful that you have this web page dedicated to that issue and other issues with respect to TNR’s. I am going into this not looking for great sleep, we all know that is not possible, but the best sleep possible. I am not sure that what I have found will be helpful to many, everyone is different, but I think I have found my own comfort zone that can give me three to four hours of sleep at a time. I have given up on the bed entirely the past couple of nights, something I did not do with the first surgery. Instead, I am using a standard chair with a hassock in front. I have been putting a couple of good sized pillows on the hassock and putting the whole thing right on the edge of the chair. Remember they say to put as much of the leg as possible over the pillows when using them and not just to prop the pillows under the knee itself. You still have to remember to be diligent about your pain meds and use them only as prescribed, but I think most people can, through trial and error find a comfort zone that works for them, whether it is a bed, a recliner or just an ordinary chair and hassock. I have also found it helpful to stick with any routines you may have had prior to surgery, reading, television, etc. I hope that maybe this can help someone out there, thanks for all the great information here on the site and best of luck to all recovering and future TNR’s.

  • Bob

    I am very sorry for the double post. I thought the first one did not go through please feel free to delete one or both. Way too much redundancy in both posts. I guess they say it is true about some people and keyboards.

  • Clarisa

    I am on my second knee replacement. The recovery is going very well and better than the first that I had September 2013. I am three weeks out on this replacement on the left knee and walking and working on stairs and rom. Sleeping is so tough. A couple of things that give me a little release is using heat for a bit before bed and I am also doing acupuncture with electrolysis. I had the first electrolysis session today so that might help. I stopped all the narcotic meds a couple of weeks ago so basically tylenol and ibuprofen now with ice. I know I am above 110 ROM now so progressing well. Alot of water!! I also found a great aftercare lotion that really helps called H2Ocean.. It is actually a tattoo aftercare and works wonders on the tissue. I have used it on both knees and great for massage lotion as well. Hopefully a better nights sleep tonight..

  • ted tedesco

    Hello All!,
    I am four weeks post -surgery on my left knee ( Total Replacement )and have been working twice per week with a physical therapist. The knee main is tolerable at this time ,but sleep is non existent. Since , no pain meds help me at all , I went through the first three weeks on shear guts! The pain was horrible. My doctor tried prescribing to different sleeping pills, neither helped me sleep. It is very frustrating not being able to sleep! I have tried everything I can think of, and still nothing has helped. I had my right knee replaced ten years ago and believe it or not , I did not sleep for 14 days straight. It was for this reason that I put off having the left knee replaced. I was assured that ten years makes a big difference in medical strides. Boy were they wrong. Anyway, if anyone has any miracle remedies for inducing sleep , I would appreciate the information. Thanks and good health to all! Ted

  • Clarisa

    I used the full body pillow after heating and it seemed to aid in better sleep. The acupuncture may have also helped… Not great but better.

  • Lynn

    I had right TKR May 12 2014; I am now a few days past one month/4 weeks. I have done well: used walker for 3 weeks; no cane needed; PT came to my house 6X first week, 5X second week, now 3X week; I do the prescribed exercises at least one time a day on my own, often more. Sleep….unable, not happening no matter what I do. I do not nap during the day. I started driving 3 days ago, so I try to leave home and be active by walking around stores, doing my shopping etc, hoping it will also tire me out. It does tire me, but does not affect my poor nite time sleep. I have tried Benedryl 50 mg, which will give me approx 3 hrs sleep and leaves me very groggy for 12 hrs. My pain is not to a degree where I need my hydrocodone or Nucynta, during the day if I have any discomfort I will take Excedrine XStrength with relief or can go without. I have resorted a few times to taking my Hyrdocodone 10 mg just to sleep, but that only gives me a few hours. Yesterday I went to a pool for the first time and did some water resistance walking, it went well, thought it would help me sleep, NO the sleeplessness was worse. I found myself wrapping an ice pack around my knee at 3 a.m. and securing it with an ACE bandage. My flexion is 125 degrees, my gait is strong, my sit to stand is good without hands, my PT is very pleased, but shrugs at my complaint of lack of sleep. This column has been helpful only because I realize it must be the norm to not sleep, so that give me comfort, but truly I want to go to bed at 11 p.m., wake up once to pee, and then sleep til 7 a.m. I do not know how I will tolerate this lack of sleep when I return to work as a nurse at a very busy outpatient clinic. Most nights my right knee cannot even stand the touch of the sheets on it; for a week I slept on top of the covers with a very very soft light blanket, and that did give me 2-3 hrs at a time sleep, but that soon ended. My bet wishes for us all to heal nicely and resume our normal lives which includes a good nights sleep. Thanks for having this column.

  • Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your tkr comment. Yes, sleeping (or lack of) is a bear. Everything you described happened to me and many others. Glad you find this site useful.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Ginette

    Since my return home from the hospital after my right TKR on May 28, I have been devouring everything on the internet that could possibly help with the pain and lack of sleep. This site is very helpful in that it is reassuring to find that I am not alone in this situation. I also manage to get an a hour or hour and a half of sleep laying on my right side with a pillow between my knees. But eventually I need to move and the pain reminds me that this night if far from over!!! I am fortunate that I am not currently working and manage to nap once or twice a day…..however, I sure hope the situation goes back to normal soon as I will need to return to work within a few weeks!

  • Hi Ginette,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr sleeping comment. It does get better. 🙂 And, it’s nice to know you find my site helpful. Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Mandy

    My left TKR is in 10 days, and I’m preparing myself by reading everything on this great site.
    This non-sleeping seems to be a big problem. But wasn’t sleeping hard before TKR? My knee hurts so much it’s hard to find a place to put it, especially since I was a stomach sleeper before my knee got this bad. It gets stiff if I stay in one place, so after an hour or so I wake up and walk, then sleep for another hour.
    It sounds like it’ll be worse after surgery?

  • Linn

    I’m about four weeks out from my TKR. Like just about everyone else, sleep is one of the biggest problems. I’ve been sleeping on our leather sofa since I came home from the hospital. The good thing is… even though I still have a difficult time sleeping, I CAN be comfortable on my back on the sofa, with my both legs stretched out straight on the sofa. (I have never been a “back sleeper” before, but I’m certainly learning how to do that now!) Funny thing is, I CANNOT get comfortable sleeping in bed on my back — only on my magic sofa. Just wanted folks to know in case this info may help with others’ sleep problems… Good luck to everyone!

  • Linn


    I am certainly no doctor, but it sounds like a lot of the knee pain (and sleepless nights) you’ve been experiencing may just be due to having a “bad knee.” Once that knee is replaced, it seems only logical that much, if not all of the the pain you’ve been experiencing will be relieved. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t expect pain after surgery, but the cause will be from healing and rehab, and not the pain that a “bum” knee can bring. (As early as two weeks after my TKR, I was experiencing FAR LESS pain in my knee than I had before surgery. Hopefully your story will be the same as mine. So good luck, and stay determined to do whatever the physical therapists ask of you. Stay positive — it may take time, but you’re getting a new knee so that you can get rid of the old pain! Again, GOOD LUCK!

  • regina

    Can someone please tell me how long this lack of sleep problem takes place. I am 3 weeks post op and doing fairly well. I can go to sleep, but wake up about 3:00 every night in a lot of pain! It does not matter what I do. The pain is excrutaing and it won’t let me rest. Just wondering how long it takes before I can start sleeping again through the night.

  • Shiv Kumar

    I got my bilateral knee surgery on April 30, 2014. I do not have much pain in the knees but I have hard time in sleeping at night. Does anyone has any solution to this problem and how long one has to suffer from sleep deprivation.

  • NancyD

    Hi, I had right TKA MAY 8,2014.
    I too would like to sleep! I only get 3 hrs after taking Oxy. Then muscles cramp or spasm & I need to get up and move.
    When in the recovery can I get a 6 hr. Block of sleep?
    I need to go back to work in 4 weeks and am concerned.
    Thanks for any help!

  • Hi Nancy and Shiv,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr sleep comment. I’ve written about this topic in other posts on my site. Do a search ….
    And, I also have a book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR” that contains valuable information. You can purchase it via my Storefront Page. It’s available in many formats to suit all needs.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  • Ginette

    Just wanted to give you an update after 5 and a half weeks to give hope for all those suffering from sleepless nights. Things do get better! No I do not get a full night’s sleep yet but the pain is much less. The stiffness still wakes me up 3 or 4 times a night but it is easier to get back to sleep and less medication is needed…..there is hope!

  • Beverly

    I am 4 weeks post op from bilateral TKR. A week ago I was finally able to get on my side to sleep with one knee on a pillow. My doctor gave me a muscle relaxer to take with pain pills at bedtime and I am now sleeping peacefully for 10 hours ! It is wonderful……before the relaxer I just thrashed around all night.

  • Kev

    Had left knee done New Years Eve 2013. Hope to never have right knee done. Has been all pain. Scar tissue from previous tibia surgery has added to recovery problems. Therapist have given all they can do for me. I sleep about 2 hours at most a night. Throbbing, aching pain keeps me tossing or up all night. On 7th month now. Been off hydrocodone for 2 weeks, it really helped. But I don’t want to be on meds. In military and they frown on meds.I need 2 more years for retirement. Will deal with it, just wish I could get more sleep. God bless to all and thank you service members for your sacrifices. My pain is nothing compared to what others have given. I can deal with it.

  • ruth roberts

    I had my TKR on my left knee December 4, 2012, I was walking by Christmas Eve without any aid. New Year’s Morning i stepped out of bed and immediately felt pain on the outside of my ankle… Had my Dr. ex ray it for problems when it started and 3 months later and he gave me stupid brace. I live with constant pain and swelling in the ankle at the top of my foot. I do 6 to 10 hours a day gardening; i grow and sell vegetables and stuff, so I work hard. The knee is fabulous, and it never gives me pain. I eat as little IB or What ever OTC stuff I have on hand, I ice it often throughout the day and always at night. I wish I knew what it is. I have stopped bothering my Doctor, and I think is is a permanent long-term side effect.

  • Ralph Timmons

    Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to
    this site before but after reading through some of the post I
    realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely
    happy I found it. It’s one of the best tkr sites, if not THE best, I’ve found. Keep up the great work!

  • Stella

    I am going to have right total knee surgery on August 26th. & will be 86 on Sept. 26th.
    I don’t know what to expect because of my age…as for sleeping, I don’t sleep very much, now, so I don’t expect miracles in that dept.
    I enjoyed reading all the comments & hope you all get more sleep, soon..

  • Jean

    Left knee replacement done on June 24th – went to rehab til July 8, then home working with PT person for a bit, and now doing outpatient PT. Still a LOT of swelling – trying to wean myself off of the narcotics and only use them at night so that I can (hopefully) sleep! The sleep issue IS getting better! I take two pain meds around 11 PM and then am usually good til around 3-4 PM. Some nights, however, I wake up a LOT earlier, change the ice pack and go back to sleep til 5 or 5:30. I never know, how the night will be. I have NOT slept in bed for over a month now – tried three times and get really comfortable and then the throbbing or stabbing pain starts once more. Don’t want to keep hubby awake, so back to the LR and sleep once more in the recliner chair. It’s getting to be annoying. I am 65 years old and had issues with knee pain for about the past 6 years and it just got worse. I tried the Orthovisc gel injections, but unfortunately they didn’t work. Lasted about 3 days the first time and I was thrilled with NO pain for a change, but….then in May was seen by the surgeon of the group who said that surgery would have to be done – bone rubbing bone. NObody can imagine the pain unless they have gone through it – it’s unbelievable…I still have days of minor almost depression and cry because I can’t stand or walk very long. My bent leg ROM is now 105 which they feel is good, but praying that I don’t get too much scarring – heaven forbid if I had to go through this yet again for any repairs. It’s scary! I am glad to have found this site, knowing there are others out there with the same concerns and issues.

  • Hi Jean,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Thanks for your insight, which I’m sure others will find equally informative. Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

  • Jean

    Just had to comment further….HOW LONG before anybody sleeps in their OWN bed again? THAT is the main issue bothering me at the moment – I want to get out of this chair!!!! I sleep well with the pain meds, but am SUPER tired throughout the day and unless I get a nap in the afternoon, forget it….thanks for any suggestions!

  • keith proctor

    Hi fellow adventurer’s. God bless each and every one of you for sharing your great info . I had my first TKR left leg in nov 2009. It was the most horrific experience I have ever undertaken. Truthfully I had no idea what pain was until I had this op. Why .? Because a lack of empathy from the surgeon . On my third day in hospital he bellowed at me to get off the drugs. I came home with a small packet of endone. My wife tackled him about my pain and his reply was to stop molly cuddling me. I went for almost six weeks on various mind changing drugs and lost over 10 kilo’s. When the leg finally became almost normal again I find I have a tight TBI ?? tendon that was pulling the new knee out of line. I did not get any help only expensive physio bills and developed a nasty attitude which did not help my well being. One day some 3 months ago I was at the physio getting help when a man walked in with crutches 3 weeks after a TKR. He looked good ,had little pain. I felt numb, especially when I found out he had my grumpy surgeon. So what did I learn. The operation is one thing,after care is so important and something you need to understand and set in order from the day you get home.

    On 9th Oct 2014 in too much pain to go any longer I received my TKR on my right leg. The pain is still much to bare especially when once again I am sent home with a small box of endone. After a week and a visit to my local GP who put me on Targin 20 I started to improve . The surgeon did ring me twice and ask how I was,empathy is so healing to a tired soul.. After 4 weeks I am discharged and can walk and do some work with out to much pain. The nights are still tricky but manageable. What would I say to encourage you . Learn what they mean when they ask you how much pain you are in from one to 10. I found 4 is bearable .6 and above scream for help. Seriously . I do wish you every success . Do the exercises with out fail and be extremely optimistic . God Bless. Keith in Australia.

  • Sherry

    I am almost 7 weeks out of Total Knee Replacement surgery. I am still doing therapy 3 X week. I am at about 115-117 on flexion. I am having ALOT of the HEAVY feeling. I also have lots of stinging, burning sensation in the knee. I know that not only did I have just the knee replaced, but a lot of scar tissue removed, a lot of stiff ness and RA. Also had to have soft tissue released. I am still using a cane and not sleeping well at all. Can someone please tell me why my knee feels like it weighs a ton? I think I can deal with everything else once this heaviness goes away. Thank you.

  • Hi Sherry,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. My entire leg was a dead weight at 7 weeks post-tkr. It stayed that way until I began building muscle strength back up. I attributed that heaviness to my muscle inactivity, plus the weight of the prosthetic. May be incorrect, though. If you’re truly concerned…I would ask your pt or doctor.

  • Jean

    Now almost 4 1/2 months since my left total knee replacement. MAYBE beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Good days and bad days – weather changes seem to still bring out the worst with the pain – still have some throbbing and almost stinging issues. Swelling is FINALLY going down from toes and feet – although I have found keeping legs warm at this stage helps a lot. I recently purchased acrylic leg warmers and used them first time yesterday – less pain and swelling in toes. Hadn’t taken ANY pain meds for over a month – did take ONE this afternoon and was able to rest. Still waking up early morning with both hips (also have slight arthritis in both of them) and lower back pain (from epidural during childbirth and now this). Some days I feel really aggrevated that I can’t do more, but am just going at a slower pace (I’m 65). Still have NOT driven since it hurts a LOT to even get up from the DR table using the left leg, so weight bearing is still an issue. Trying to still do exercises they gave me from PT, but some days its a no-no because of pain from hips and back. I see the surgeon again in a month. I DO bring a cane with me when we go out – as a “back-up” because of uneven surfaces. Still say, the surgeons need to explain more than they do with the surgery…

  • Had bilateral knee replacement November 24, 2014
    First two day
    S tough as threw up violently 5 times from oxycidone. Once off that things have been terrific. No pain above a six. Usually very little to no pain. Came o
    Home on 4th day . Walking with walker and going up and down stairs no problem. Great having a good wife and lots of good friends praying for me. Great surgeon at Virginia mason. Rom 120 and 115 before came home. In bed on day five with pt was 115 and 105. Sleeping ok, but prefer sleeping on my back and anxious to do that. Any idea when I can!?

  • Jean

    another update – December 26th (6 months and two days after surgery). Saw surgeon for 6 month checkup last week – ALL he was concerned about was THE KNEE – when I told him I still have pain on either side at times he suggested I see someone else (may be nerve issue – gee whiz!). Been sleeping in BED again now for two months and still waking up early in the morning with pain most days. It goes away, but hits me on “bad weather days”. Still trying to ice it, prop it while sitting in recliner and in bed, plus using the pillow when I sleep. Have FINALLY been able to lie on the “bad” knee side, but prop a pillow underneath it first to protect it – still tender to touch. Tired and worn out and today took a pain pill for first time in nearly two months – I had kept some for those “just in case days” – and it felt great to not hurt so much. Wishing EVERYONE who has gone through this surgery this year a BETTER YEAR ahead. For those who may be getting it done, I wish you much luck and support from family and friends and this wonderful site – I have recommended it to sooo many people.

  • Connie

    I had my right knee replaced June 3, 2014 and did really good with the surgery and recovery. Had some difficulty with sleeping. Then on Nov 4, 2014 I had the left knee replaced and it has not been as good. The surgery went really good, the PT went good. I agree with some of the other posts. I can’t seem to get comfortable to get a good nights sleep. I had a reaction to my pain meds OXY and I stopped taking them. The doc ordered Tramadol and that doesn’t seem to help. What I am feeling is the muscle discomfort during the day. I am using BioFlex to help with that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Jean

    Now nine months later since left knee replacement…beginning to really see the end of the tunnel – Swelling is NOT much anymore, but dampness and cold still seem to bother me a lot with the pain level. Using Tylenol now for the pain. Good days and bad days. Hoping to move around more after the horrific winter we had here on the East Coast. Find that wrapping an acrylic blanket (throw) around the knee when in the recliner seems to help – not too much warmth, but just enough. Back of spine where I had the spinal anesthesia hurts a lot more than it did and I am tire a lot but still trying to keep positive that all WILL BE OKAY – just have to be patient!

  • Here is a comment I received on 4/18/15 from Trudy, a valued reader of mine. Hope it helps others:

    I cannot find how to post on your sight for tkr. I am not very computer savvy.
    I wanted to post something I never have read or saw anywhere yet but has made a huge difference for me.

    I have been in pain since my surgery 7 weeks ago, mostly the pain was like a shin splint feeling and it was horrible at night making it so I could not sleep. I asked the surgeon, he said about 10% of his patients have the same complaint but it eventually goes away. The pain pills nor sleeping pills helped.

    7 weeks, no sleep, I was going crazy. Then I decided to go back to using a chiropractor which I did before surgery. I told him of my pain. He did a deep massage in that area and I slept great that night. I am going back every other day for the massage for awhile, but I have not had the pain since, going on week two.

    An idea for anyone having a similar issue. PT said to make sure no one manipulates the knee itself, or puts pressure on the knee. Hope this helps someone.

  • Linda

    Hello everyone! I had TKR 13 April and have progressed well in range of motion and swelling through the skillful help of my physical therapists. At 4 weeks I could fully straighten my knee and bend it at 130, even if not totally comfortably. The pain meds helped me become mobile and do my PT while in the hospital; hospital staff had me up the same day as surgery. Pain meds also made me sick to my stomach and constipated, so I didn’t fill the prescription when I left the hospital. Two extra strength tylenol several times a day has sufficed, even if it has not kept me totally pain free. Now at 5 weeks I do have painfree spans of time, but this does not happen for long at night.

    As has been reported by many others, sleep has been most difficultt. I have found that if I move to the spare bedroom where I can totally stretch out I can sometimes sleep for three or four hours straight. Pain wakes me up to take the next dose of Tylenol.

    At 5 weeks, I am walking without my cane most of the time. I am still aware of the clunky feeling of the knee replacement, but my gait is normal most of the time, due to concentrating on lifting my knee, using my hip muscle, and heel to toe placement. If I walk too far, more than 30 minutes, Some swelling and pain returns, but I always ice it afterwards, which helps. I can walk up and down the 14 stairs to our apartment normally. I attribute my progress to closely following the advice of my physical therapists and doing the exercises they assign regardless of pain. I have also found that calf and hamstring stretches help relieve a lot of tightness. As my therapist advised me, sometimes it helps to take a day off, but I haven’t done that often. Making sure I eat well-ballanced meals with plenty of protein helps, too, as our bodies need that to repair themselves.

    I have become depressed a couple of times, and I think it was related to the lack of sleep. I can have very mild pain during the day but enough to keep me awake at night. A nap does help me, I stretch my calves and hamstrings before going to bed, and I have a soothing audiobook ready to help lull me back to sleep. All of that helps, but I am hoping that someone is working on this problem–I have to have the other knee replaced and at least one of my hips… Best of luck to us all!

  • Jean

    Just curious – little over a year since my left knee replacement. Going was great for a while, but now the ankle on that side hurts like crazy (had broken THAT years back). My left from the knee down to almost ankle is still VERY tender to the touch and cold a lot of days. Did more PT for another two months and scheduled to start back again after this weekend. Back still hurts from anesthesia injection (already had osteoarthritis). What is bothering me the most is the tenderness in the leg, still tingling sensation sometimes and the feeling of coldness. Any suggestions? I always look to this site for some – thanks ALL!

  • Phil W

    Hi there.

    I am 59 and had Left knee TKR two years ago – and a uni-compartmental on right knee 6 weeks ago (played a lot of sport in my youth and twenties!).

    Firstly, two years on, my left knee TKR is a total, unqualified success – I have no pain at all from it – and it is reliable for my current lifestyle. I too was surprised and deeply affected by the sleeplessness due to night time pain and stiffness post-op. Like so many others here, a couple of hours sleep was the norm before I had to get up move around for an hour – and then try again for another couple of hours max. Going to bed became daunting as I knew what was coming. My advice is to accept, for the time being, that that is the way it is – and it is no use fighting it by laying in bed wriggling around in a vain attempt to get comfortable. Accept that you will be awake in a couple of hours. Accept that you will then be up for an hour or so (and plan for it) and accept that its going to be like that until healing is complete.

    My recovery on the TKR was definitely slower than average due to excessive swelling on both the operated knee – and the other “good” knee (which was also due to be replaced) and reacted negatively to the additional workload asked of it.

    I delayed the operation on my right knee – because of the experience of my previous recovery period. I delayed it until the pain and sleeplessness caused by the deterioration of the unoperated knee was such that I gauged I would be no worse off after an op!

    I also thought more about the best time of year to have the procedure!

    I live in the UK and had the TKR in October 2012. The first 4 months of recovery (and the sleepless nights) were during winter when the “nights” were 16 hours of darkness and always cold. Leaving the house with crutches or sticks meant walking, potentially, on icy ground with an increased risk of slipping/falling. To be honest, I became distinctly wary of going out because of the increased risks.

    So, knowing how the NHS works in the UK (which is absolutely brilliant by the way) I commenced the process through my GP to get a referral in late January for the second TKR – knowing that the targets that the NHS worked too, typically meant that an op would take place within 18 weeks of referral. I actually had a Uni knee replacement 6 weeks ago.

    This time round, there was an orthopaedic surgeon working with the radiologist in the x-ray department (I had had an MRI scan two years ago). The surgeon laid me on my back with a block (about a foot wide) between my feet. They then put a band round my knees and tightened it. This had the affect of applying additional “compression” to the outside of my knees. If the x rays revealed that there was still a good “gap” on the outside – then that may mean that the cartilage on the outside was still in good shape – and therefore, maybe only a uni knee might be enough. I was therefore admitted to hospital on the basis that they hoped that a Uni would be enough – but they would check the other side during the Op and revert to TKR if appropriate.

    I received a Uni knee. As many here will know, generally speaking, the recovery on a Uni is said to be quicker and easier than with a TKR. I can confirm this.

    6 weeks on, I dont need to use any walking aids (although if I go out socially to a pub, restaurant, function, etc) I take a crutch as a “red flag” to act as a warning to anyone around me to be careful! I still have that fear of being knocked over.

    The bad news is that the sleepless nights returned for the first 4 weeks of recovery with no more than two hours sleep at a time. However, this time, the darkness was only from 10.00pm until 4.00am (i.e. 6 hours rather than 16 hours!) and it isn’t cold in the house or outside. I am now up to about 5 hours sleep at a time (after 6 weeks).

    So, in summary, to those of you experiencing the post op pain and sleeplessness, it will get better! It may happen slowly but you will get there. Accept your situation for the time being, accept that you experiencing the same thing as most others, and accept, and look forward to, the day that you wake up having slept for 7/8 hours and your bed is, once again, a place of rest and relaxation – rather than part of some ongoing torture process!

    Good luck to all of you.

  • becky

    I am 3 months out from my TKR and feel that I am doing quite well. Strength is gradually coming back and my flexion is pretty good = 128 some day.s I too still have trouble sleeping which isn’t a huge concern as I am not working yet. I just go with the flow and get up and move around as necessary. I keep the belt that they gave me to stretch with on my bed and sometimes lying on my belly and stretching my thigh (foot to rear end) helps. I feel as much discomfort in the shin and thigh as my knee and my ankle swells a lot during the day. The thing that bothers me most now is this incredible fatigue, I just want to nap a couple of times a day. I am a teacher and school starts in 3 weeks. I need to get over this NOW! I plan to go swim or to a movie with a friend and end up calling to say I am too tired I am still taking 1 hydrocodone a night to sleep. Could that be making me tired during the day?

  • Hi Becky,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your informative tkr comment. I believe tiredness is a common reaction throughout the entire time a tkr is in place. Don’t force yourself.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  • JohnWest

    Hi Booktoots! Thanks for the page. Surgery Aug-17-2015 – Dr P did a great tka on my right knee. After a couple days, had good range of motion. Had to keep at it every day to rewin the healing during sleep time… as Interrupted as it was. Slowed up on the Percosets, and bad dreams resolved. Restless leg/body work me up at 3:00 every day, so far 2 weeks out. up for a pit stop some meds got me thru to daybreak, then… some up onto couch, took meds (Blood Pressure, Celebrex, Oxy, Feosol and Aspirin …..

    Am up to walking 1/2 mile with cane at 13 days. Really tight across the tibial tuberosity… but it seems to loosen up some on stretches. Rubbed out alot of the tourniquet injury. Staped out in 2 days. REALLY looking forward to that!!!

    Switching to Tylenol during daytime, and percoset at bedtime and

  • JohnWest

    Hi Booktoots! Thanks for the page. Surgery Aug-17-2015 – Dr P did a great tka on my right knee. After a couple days, had good range of motion. Had to keep at it every day to rewin the healing during sleep time… as Interrupted as it was. Slowed up on the Percosets, and bad dreams resolved. Restless leg/body wakes me up at 3:00 every day, so far 2 weeks out. up for a pit stop some meds to got me thru to daybreak. Switch to couch, took meds (Blood Pressure, Celebrex, Oxy, Feosol and Aspirin ) ….. and light dozing – in/out of sleep.

    Am up to walking 1/2 mile with cane at 13 days. Really tight across the tibial tuberosity… but it seems to loosen up some on stretches. Rubbed out much of the tourniquet injury. Staples out in 2 days. REALLY looking forward to that!!!

    Switching to Tylenol during daytime, and percoset at bedtime and that seems better. Leg immobilizer is PITA, as it feels heavy and hot. Parking a freezer Pack in the front (by kneecap) of the immobilizer seems to help.

  • Richard Free

    I’m a general physician with recent surgery and surprised how common the restless leg like symptoms seem to be after knee surgery. I thought it was post op related inflammation associated mental depression at first, but as the acute trauma reaction subsides and I’ve started driving, swimming working out at the gym, my nights have been more symptomatic than my days with weight bearing.
    Antihistamines like Tylenol PM as well as alcohol can exacerbate RLS sxs; I’m s/p left partial knee replacement at day 16; with RLS and sleep intrusive pain sxs that make the next day too low energy for me; no pain meds other than ice during day; and aspirin for clot prevention; some nights using low dose hydrocodone with constipation issues and straining with some bleeding due to aspirin thinner effects a problem; Senna plus magnesium tablets (for omprazole) not as good as plain old prune juice in my experience; antibiotics if needed help nicely with the constipation too; I’ve tried a variety of head elevation,leg elevations, multiple pillow and positional combos and none of which help. Be aware that iron is also constipating.

    my next experiments at symptom management include topical antiinflammatories/ lidoderm patch/ melatonin at night/ice at night/eliminate alcohol/ eliminate opiates/eliminate antihistamines/ do more swimming pool exercising.

  • Hi Richard,
    Thank you for visiting my site and leaving your very information/insightful tkr comment. I am certain others will find them as useful as I have. I love your prune juice recommendation. 🙂 Kindly stay in touch and good luck!

  • HarleyRider1

    I’m a 68 year old former jock whose once hard body now has OLD MAN knees! I had my left TKR on Sept. 30, 2015. Living in British Columbia, Canada, there is a 1 year waiting list from the time you first see your OS until your operation. During that waiting time, my knee went from bad to worse to awful. Prior to surgery, I was on 40mg of Hydromorph a day.
    Surgery went well and I was able to get 120 ROM within 2 days and it has held pretty close to that number. I am currently walking unaided around the house but do take a cane with me as a security blanket when I go out. I continued using 40 mg Hydromorph until very recently and have started to ween myself off. No real pain to speak of and the biggest saving grace for me is my Cyrogenic Aircast Ice Machine.
    Like everyone else, my biggest problem by far is NOT SLEEPING!!! I thought it was just me so was I glad to read it is a common problem. I am lucky to get 2 hours total sleep per night and it is driving both my wife and I crazy. Seems like everytime I move my knee feels like lead weight and it starts to scream at my, “you idiot”. It twitches and jumps and there seems like nothing I can do except squeeze it until it stops. Have tried sleeping pills which make me a zompie all the next day, icing, extra pillows all to no avail. Which makes it harder is that I am side sleeper.
    It good to know there is light at the end of this long tunnel so I keep my fingers crossed that the light is not an oncoming train! LOL

    Thanks for sharing everyone.

  • Donna

    THE Aug 26, 2015. Also had sleeping problems until I started using Calm. It worked wonders and now I can sleep through the night! It is a powder dissolved in water and is magnesium which helps relax muscles.

  • Mamie Wilson

    I had left total knee surgery 6 weeks ago and was up walking 4 hours after surgery and went home did all the things my doctor asked me to do. IN 2 weeks did water walking 5 times a week. I also rubbed vitiman E on the incision after it healed and the only thing that bothers me now is being sleepy all the time. I know the pain at night has been better at the incision site because of the vitiman E. That might help the rest of you. I was doing water walking 6 weeks before my surgery and I know that’s the best thing to do. I do it at the YMCA, they have classes that you can attend. LOL

  • Marsha Bollimger

    Had my TKR done on July 28. So I am almost exactly 5 months out. The first 5 weeks I was the poster child for TKR. Came out of the hospital , no walker, no cane, nothing. Had hardly any pain then 5 weeks in everything went downhill. I do have 130 ROM But have had that from almost the beginning For the last 3 months, I have constant night pain that is all around the knee, in the back, down the front of my leg to my ankle. It hurts for anything to touch my leg. Is this normal? Doctor keeps taking x rays and MRI and says nothing is wrong. I can not take pain medication, but do take Aleve, which does nothing. I am up every night, 3 or 4 times and finally fall into an exhausted sleep around 4:00 am. I am very discouraged, most likely because I did so well those first 5 weeks. Anyone else had this experience, where you did really well at first and then had a setback?

  • Hi Mamie,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site and feeling comfortable enough to share your tkr story. Insomnia, or sleeping concerns, is very common after a tkr. I have authored a book that contains over 100 real-life patient stories, if you are interested. It is available in numerous formats, so there is bound to be something that suits your needs.
    Water walking is great exercise and the Y is a fantastic place to share this wonderful activity.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • ScottyG

    I am somewhat relieved to see others are having the same lack of or inconsistent sleep. I had TKR surgery on 11/10/2015 and have physically done well with 140 deg flex and a few degrees short of full extension. No drugs needed for pain at any time. I’ve worked very hard with an excellent Physical Therapist and I’m very grateful for this physical progress. BUT… I’m equally beat down and frustrated by my constant inability to fall asleep and STAY asleep. It’s driving me batty! My GP gave me a scrip for Ambien, but a little worried with all the unsuccessful Ambien stories. This is really negatively affecting my quality of life and my work productivity. Sounds like I really need to practice patience and positive self-talk.

    Thanks for hosting this site. And I also appreciate all of the comments from others. I’ll pass on my experiences as I work through this.

  • Mimi

    Wow, I thought it was just me! I had a tkr on my right on 12/14, just a couple weeks ago. I cannot keep my leg still and sleep is elusive. I am a stomach sleeper, and just can’t get into a comfortable position. My Dr gave me Ambein, but I don’t think it works. I pop 2 percocet when I want to get a couple hours sleep, but even 2 only lasts for a couple or 3 hours.

    It just feels like something is crawling around inside my knee and it’s driving me mad! I need some relief. I’ll read through all these responses in hopes of finding some way of beating this.

    I’ve never had trouble sleeping so this is just killing me.

    I know I’m early on the journey, but if I could just sleep, my life would be a whole lot better.

  • KarisC

    I am 60 years old. I will be having my right knee replacement on Monday Jan. 4, 2016. My Dr has been in practice 17 years. He uses the Smith and Nephew Legion. I am in so much pain I never sleep more than 4 hours each night now. I am hoping to do better after surgery. I was told to learn to sleep on my back only with a small travel pillow under my right knee. It works Great I never slept more than 1 hour at a time on my side. So I have trained myself to sleep on my back for the past 5 years. I research this doctor in August. He was very busy and it was hard for me to get an appointment. I am persistent and got in about Aug 15, 2016. If you can contact me I will continue to write to you and send photos during my recovery. Karis Crawford Abilene, TX

  • Colin Lloyd

    I had my left Knee TKR DONE ON 2 1 16 and after 5 days was discharged . I had a Pysio visit a fortnight later Who was delighted with my exercise regime and progress.Medication wise I sparingly use a morphine based syrup and cocodomol/ paracetamol tablet form .All the stretching and exercise I find I can do with little to moderate pain. but like all the others on this forum sleep is my biggest problem.Like others Instead of looking forward to bed time I now dread it,I Toss and turn trying every position looking for comfort. as I am only 3 weeks PO my wife thinks
    I am expecting to much ( a fair point) bu can any one give a glimmer of hope when normal sleep returns if ever. Colin Liverpool U.K.

  • Khris

    Colin,,,,,,sleep will come around i promise, i had a left tkr nov. 3 2015, and it flat HURT ALL THE TIME, i was sleeping great before,,,,after not at all untill my body crashed,,,,,if your tired and its the middle of the afternoon,,,,,sleep,,,,,,sleep when ever you can it took 4 weeks before i could sleep at night and even then it was a couple hours,,,,,,i had my right tkr dec, 28 2015 and i have slept everynight since then,,,,, my surgeon changed my pain meds to oxycodone-acetaminophen,,,,2 pills eevery 4 hrs. and no pain means great sleep,,,,im almost 5 weeks p.o on right knee and still sleeping,,,,if your in even a slightly amount of pain you wont sleep,,im not saying load up on meds but i found out if not in pain my mind an brain will relax and i can sleep,,,,,,

  • Kathy

    Had my TKR on 12/31/15, 11 weeks ago. Have 120 range of motion and walking without any aids but the stiffness everyday is bothersome. Still having difficulty sleeping, the knee is so heavy, can’t get comfortable. Am going to start water walking in a local pool tonight and hope that will help reduce the swelling. Incision is clean and healed nicely but the knee is still pretty swollen as well as down the leg. Anyone have any ideas on reducing swelling? Still going to PT and he massages it twice a week.

  • Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Swelling is quite common during the recuperation process. I know in my case it was. I have written about this throughout my site. Take a look around to find posts that discuss this topic.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  • Chuck

    I had left TKR 2 months ago. I am getting around fairly well and my ROM is good. My knee does get stiff after about 10 minutes of sitting though. My major problem is a burning sensation on the inside of the operated knee. I can’t stand to have anything touch it. Not even a bed sheet. Wearing long pants is also difficult. I have been using Lidocaine patches over the burning area, which also protects it from the clothing. The burning makes sleeping very difficult. I have to “tent” over my knee so no material brushes the burning area. Also, like many others on the site I have difficulty sleeping more than two hours at a stretch. I have tried Neurontin and Lyrica. Neither have helped with the burning. Does anyone have this aliment? If so, have you found a remedy?
    Thanks for the Forum!

  • Hi Chuck,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your tkr comment. Hopefully, others will pitch in about burning sensation experiences. I am unable to help since I never had them. Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Shelagh Koulaouzos

    Does anyone have a strange clicking sound in their knee when they walk. Had TKR 3 weeks ago and seem to have the same problems as most on this site but noone as mentioned “clicking joint” ??

  • Hi Shelagh,
    Thanks for posting your tkr question on my site. Just curious as to why you posted your clicking question as a comment to a sleeping concern post. I have written posts about tkr clicking throughout my site. I recommend doing a search for the topic to gain further insight into the concern. Best of luck and keep in touch..

  • Susan Christensen

    I am an unusual TKR surgical patient (so I am told)I am a traumatic brain injury survivor 3yrs and have post concussion syndrome. This has made me physically hyper sensitive to pain meds in any form.They bring on warp 1000 migraines immediately, and since I get migraines 3-4 times every week allready its been a real roller coaster NIGHTMARE. As I have been unable to take any opiates, or ensaids. Its had my Dr,Nurses,and PT in an uproar trying to help me. Sleeping NOW is a small catnap here and there. Between the pain and lack of sleep I feel quite desperate and emotional. I am glad to find a site to read thru and commiserate with fellow TKR insomniacs, any ideas, insights or help will hopefully will grant this Nana a way to come to grips with all this.

  • Hi Susan,
    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to post your brain injury/tkr comment. I am also a post-brain injury person and completely understand what you are going through.
    I have written a book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After a Total Knee Replacement” that may help you. It consists of over 100 real-life patient stories. It is available for sale in various forms. Visit my Books page for more insight. Or, contact me directly.
    Best of luck and keep in touch!

  • Reason I ended up here is I am post 5 years from right TKR and at 4-1/2 yrs things finally got better mostly after I had heart valve replacement. So maybe lack of blood supply was problem. Will never know. To that 4-1/2 yr point I had constant pain (just lived with it and it was not fun). Walking distance has improved much and less agony during walking. So 5 years out and now I’m experiencing what I call restless knee syndrome. Only thing I know that helps in any way is essential oil Frankinsence directly on the portion that still hurts and then not lying in a bed but sleeping in my Zero Gravity chair that I (Boswella) had to get upon the 1st TKR of the left knee. It’s been a long long haul of mostly pain but since the valve replacement in late July of this year (2016), things are somewhat better.

    Yes both knee joint replacements click and clack and is to be expected.

  • Mrs Jones

    My mother of 78 has just had a TKR, 4 days after surgery can bend, and sit in chair for 2 hours or so, but it is taking 3 of us to help her stand an move 2 steps from her bed to chair. Is this normal, how long will it take a lady of 78 to be able to walk a few steps with her frame, are we talking weeks or months?

  • Hi Louise,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment about your mom. Everyone is different and recuperates at his/her own speed. I do not dispense medical advice. I would suggest contacting your medical care provider for further insight.
    Keep in touch and best of luck!

  • John Caley

    I had a TKR 9 weeks ago and after the initial few weeks of really bad pain I have been reasonably happy with progress particularly with my Physio. The main problem is sleeping at night , I could understand this at first but a few weeks ago I started to have some good nights but this is not consistent and am in severe pain every second or third night . Does anyone have any thoughts on why this happens or is it normal.

  • Hi John,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr insomnia comment. It seems to be very common. So common, in fact, that over 350 people replied with their own concerns. I don’t know why it happens, it just does. For me, it was 10 months since I didn’t take any sleeping medications.
    I have authored a book titled ‘Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR’ that may interest you. It contains stories of people experiencing the same thing. Reading it will help you gain insight and feel less alone. You can purchase it via my Books page.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  • Pierre C

    “Sleeping Concerns after a Total Knee Replacement”…I know all about that! It’s been seven months since my total knee replacement and I still cannot sleep more than two hours a night. Am so looking forward to this insomnia ending! Thanks so much for making me feel less alone. 🙂

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