Some Current NHL News

The past few days have provided for some great hockey on a variety of stations. This includes Center ice, NHL Network, and NBC.

NHL record. Martin Brodeur. Of major importance, is the fact that Martin Brodeur – of the New Jersey Devils – has tied Patrick Roy for the all-time wins in his career of 551. Brodeur, a goalie for those who don’t know, has won the Stanley Cup three times and the Vezina Trophy four times. (The Vezina Trophy is awarded to the best goaltender of the year). He is just fun to watch and it never ceases to amaze me to watch him play. He’s an acrobat on ice.

He accomplished his career tie during the game broadcast on Hockey Night in Canada (New Jersey Devils v Montreal Canadiens), as part of a triple header televised on the NHL Network. Great day for hockey. 🙂 He got a standing ovation from the Montreal crowd…class. 🙂

Death. Bill Davidson, 1922-2009 dies. Not any less important is the passing away of this man. He was a long time owner of the NBA team, Detroit Pistons. He also owned the Tampa Bay Lightning when they won the Stanley Cup. Davidson is the only owner to win both championships in the same season.

Wings News. Chris Osgood. As goalie of the Detroit Red Wings, Osgood can proudly claim he has 300 wins in a Red Wings uniform. This was accomplished during the Red Wings win over the St. Louis Blues on Saturday, March 14. Woohoo, OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goal scoring. The Detroit Red Wings scored three goals within 46 seconds during that same game. They won 3-1 over the St. Louis Blues.

I need to brag about the Red Wings since I have been stunned about some recent defeats they have been pummeled with. 🙁

Retirement. Brian Kilrea, of the AHL’s Ottawa 67’s, has retired. As coach of the AHL team, he is known for stating that his two most memorable accomplishments are 1) Induction in the Hockey Hall of Fame; and 2) winning the Memorial Cup in Ottawa.

Quotes. I have found hockey to have some great quotes throughout its programming on the NHL Network, NBC weekly game, and/or Center Ice. Here are two that stand out:

Don McLean during Hockey Night in Canada’s intermission: “The key to television: when you can fake sincerity you have it made.” That one is funny, in my opinion.

Over the line. Don Cherry.  “Alex Ovechkin has been acting like an idiot and I said so. And he listened. Show this clip.”  When the clip was shown it was of Ovechkin scoring a goal and instead of acting like he normally does…enthusiastically, entertaining, and unashamedly passionate…he started acting like that and stopped himself. “See….he listened to me,” Cherry commented. Who’s Cherry think he is taking away someone’s natural personality? What gives him the right? Normally, I have enjoyed Cherry for years…but he’s gone too far this time. This and him not liking “foreigners”. Zip it up, Cherry. That’s what I say. End of commentary.

Unexpected injury. Keith Jones, former NHL player and now commentator, was hit by a puck that went over the net. Ouch!! He fractured his jaw, among other injuries, and now has it wired shut. You usually don’t think about a NHL commentator getting injured. 🙁

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