A Much Needed Toilet Aide for a Total Knee Replacement

OK, not everyone is going to enjoy reading this article, but it is a necessity for the person who is contemplating a total knee replacement surgery. The topic is not exciting, can be painted in drab colors, and does not make for good dinner conversation. That is the use of a potty – or, raised toilet seat.

While going through the pre-op tkr class, there was mention about us patients needing to have a raised toilet seat while going through the recuperation process. It was not emphasized how helpful that piece of equipment (for lack of a better word) is. And, I thought it only common sense to share this information with others. I wish someone would have told me the importance of it prior to my total knee replacement.

My raised toilet seat was only $20, is very basic, and very helpful. It fits on top of the opened toilet and has Velcro tabs to prevent the device from slipping. (I’ve never had any problem with slipping, though).

Some people like to get the commodes. Commodes remind me of a combination portable toilet and walker. I’ve never used one, and don’t intend to. Some patients swear by them, though. “To each, their own,” is my philosophy.

Anyways, going to the bathroom is real tricky business after a total knee replacement. It’s hard to bend your knee. While in my body cast, I used a jar (for #1) and a pan (for #2) – as entertaining as that may sound…it worked great.

With a total knee replacement, though, standing up while going #1 or #2 can be just too painful and uncomfortable. Hence, the use of a raised toilet seat.

I, personally, never thought I’d see the day when I would use a raised toilet seat. Now that I have, though, I’d like to thank the person who invented them.

2 Replies to “A Much Needed Toilet Aide for a Total Knee Replacement”

  1. How tall are you? I was told that since I’m under 5’2″, I won’t need the raised seat (surgery in a couple days). Do you think it would be better to have anyway? I guess I’ll find out in hospital, after the surgery.

  2. Hi Mandy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr questin. I am 5’4″.
    Personally – I would recommend having one and at least trying it out. I didn’t find out anything about a raised toilet seat while I was in the hospital.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

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