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Hi everyone. As this blog increases in popularity, certain events are occurring which need clarification. This article subject involves sponsored articles…as the title suggests. What, exactly, is a sponsored article?

Some writers approach me wanting to increase their exposure and online presence. Some contact me as “experts” in their field. Others have no experience, but want to use my site as a platform for growing an online community. Whatever the reason, I am asked if there is interest in having a sponsorship arrangement.

Once communications start, I find out that there is definitely confusion as to the actual definition of sponsorship. So….

A sponsored article means YOU pay ME for the privilege of promoting your article on my site. Your fee provides me with support to perform my services and keep this site up and running. I DO NOT PAY YOU. Check any dictionary definition of a sponsorship and you will receive the same information.

I do not know how the topic of sponsorship became so confusing. Perhaps it is the Internet platform. Perhaps it is a simple misunderstanding.

Anyways….I am always open for true sponsorship opportunities. You will have ample opportunity to promote your business/self within the article. Details will be forthcoming as the final details are arranged.

Hope this blog etiquette post provides proper clarification regarding sponsorship writing/links.

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