Spring Is In The Air

Today is such a beautiful, sunny day that I thought it would be fun to write a bit about it. See, after having the horrendous winter weather that we did (including AWFUL snow removal!)…this is a WELCOME relief! Spring is in the air…

The snow-capped mountains greet me outside my window. They’re a joy to watch while walking outdoors. Even after the snow has melted, they still are a beautiful sight to see. inspiring.

The sound of lawn mowers surrounds me. The first chance to mow the dry grass is upon us. The groundskeeper here loves mowing so much, I have seen him row a bed of rocks. 🙂 True, but scary.

I am glad my neighbor is mowing now…because yesterday (yes, he was also out mowing yesterday) he was making all THAT NOISE during my playoffs. Now…he’ll be done in time for the puck drop. Hopefully, that is.

The management is going around spray painting sewer lids for easy identification. Visiting others along the way is only natural.

The planes are coming and going. It’s great except for when I’m on the phone…or….WATCHING HOCKEY! lol
Still love the sound of those radials more than almost anything, though.

When it quiets down, one can hear the birds chirping and singing merrily along. There’s a pheasant here that is a blast to see and hear.

This morning I greeted the resident deer family. We were both taking our morning walks. Great way to start the day. 🙂

Spring is in the air…

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