Stairways and a Total Knee Replacement

Funny things happen while recuperating from a total knee replacement. Suddenly, things are noticeable that were just taken for granted before. Let me explain….

Prior to my total knee replacement, stairs were stairs. I had to go up or down them. They provided a challenge, but they were just stairs.

Now… I notice the difference in the spaces between the stairs. One staircase is more challenging than another one simply due to the fact that more flexibility is required of my knee. How funny is that? (At least I’m entertained by it. 🙂 )

Case in point…The office building I go into has two staircases. If I take the back entrance, it is easier for me to go up and down the stairs. I notice going downstairs requires less of a knee stretch than the front entrance.  The back entrance stairway has less space between the stairs than the front entrance.

The front entrance stairway is a challenge all around for me. When I take that stairway, if there is anyone behind me – I hope they packed a lunch. (That means I take awhile.) I’m a slower than the average bear stair user.

Stair railings are another area of concern to the knee replacement patient. In preparation of going up or down the stairs, one needs to remember which side are the railings on? (And, if the stairs do not have railings while you are recuperating from a total knee replacement – GOOD LUCK!! I wouldn’t even contemplate using them.)

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