Stop Complaining & Start Working

Hi everyone. Our mental attitude affects everything.  Many people, with or without realizing it, are in a permanent state of complaining. Everything is fatalistic, not worth trying, and simply worthless. Complaining is constant on every level, from the conscious to subconscious. Do you fall into this mindset? Stop complaining and start working….

Everyone complains at some time or another. However, half of the population loves complaining so much that it becomes ingrained in their personalities. Instead of viewing setbacks as hidden opportunities, these people see everything in black. Negative thoughts and language take over.

Cases in point:

Instead of doing physical therapy exercises that can improve flexibility and comfort, the person chooses to focus on the immediate pain level. “Oh, I don’t do those exercises. They hurt too much. What’s the point?” are the thoughts that are both verbalized and internalized.

So..the person has a reason for living in continual pain, discomfort, and “sympathy mode”. It draws attention to them. The individual believes those exercises won’t work, and by golly, they won’t. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some people are lucky enough to have walking aids that increase motoring speed and skill. Please remember..not everyone can afford these items or have access to them. That is why I say some are lucky to have the items.

Musculoskeletal pain levels likely diminish when these aids are used. But are they? No, complainers choose to focus on the drawbacks of using these items.

Focusing on the drawbacks fuels the fire that hinders pedestrian and motorized traffic. Instead of using the aids to make mobilizing easier an attitude of “Let them wait” takes hold.

“These people don’t know what I’m going through” is adopted by the individual. “That walker is too difficult to fold up. It gets in the way, etc”. So, a cane is used that completely alters the individual’s body alignment. It exacerbates the pain and discomfort. This is but one example of why you need to stop complaining and start working.

Kindly take some time to notice your everyday attitude. Is it one of viewing life as a creative “can do” challenge or one of viewing life as a horrible existence? The decision is yours.

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