Street Walking With My Muumuu

Hi my favorite readers! Another excerpt for you to enjoy…

Me and my muumuu got around. Even though my muumuu provided excellent cover for my body cast, it made moving so easy. Each morning I would pick up my lovely garmet, reach over my head, slide it over my body, grab my crutches and put on my walking shoes. It was time to go for my walk.

Every day I would walk my city block, no matter what the weather was like. (That is, if there was no snow or ice on the ground.) It felt good to move my body. It’s not fun being cooped up in a body cast, you know. You can only take so much of laying around and hearing your heart beg for some action. So…I exercised. I exercised in a body cast. I wonder how many other folk can claim the same thing?

I would walk to one end of my block. Then, I’d rest for a bit, catch my breath, and then walk back to the opposite end. It was a slow journey, but I did it. One step at a time. One crutch after another.

It always felt so good, too. As tiring as it was, it still felt good to move my legs, arms and get my heart workout.

My neighborhood didn’t realize it, but they were providing me with a source of entertainment. See…whenever I’d go for my walk, I would notice blinds and curtains opening up a bit. The opening was just enough to take a look outside, while thinking it provides a sense of inconspicuous viewing. (It doesn’t do that, by the way.) My neighbors, some I didn’t know, were sneaking peeks at me. It started with one household viewing, then another and by the time my body cast journey ended, I must have been the talk of the block.

I can only imagine what was going through their minds as they looked out at me. That was the entertaining part. I mean, how often do see a stiff-bodied woman wearing a muumuu and a soft neck collar walking on crutches up and down your block? I would hedge a bet that it’s not that often. Ha!

The exercise was fantastic. Even though I couldn’t move freely in my body cast, I sure did sleep well.

End of my street walking in my muumuu story.

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