“Stupid Deal”…WHAT??!!

Hi everyone. The proper use of our English language is continually declining to the point that terminology is downright insulting. Case in point….the term “Stupid Deal” being used to promote an item sale.

My question…..if something is truly a “stupid deal”….why would anyone with any level of intelligence want to buy it? Because they are “stupid”? Because the item is useless or “stupid”? Because they like spending money on “stupid deals”?

This is almost as troublesome as hearing the word “sick” being used to describe something phenomenal. REALLY??!!!

End of rant about the degradation of the English language.

Find interesting? Kindly share..Or don’t.. With people getting so easily offended anymore, you may find my rant insulting. Too bad. Grow a pair. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without threat of recourse. Yes, I do find the degradation of the English language offensive to all intelligent mindsets.

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