Swimming After A Neck Injury

Hi my favorite readers! Recently, I came in contact with a lady who stated she couldn’t swim because she was unable to move her neck. Her neck was fused together with steel plates and bolts. Yikes….I’ve had a fractured C-1 and can relate to her neck injury. (Nothing’s fused together, though. My neck mobility is only hindered.)

Here’s a great way to swim without moving the neck…do a semi-dog paddle with your head in the water. A standard dog paddle has the head out of the water. This position actually puts the neck in an awkward position. At least it does for me. Keeping your head in the water helps keep the neck straight. You don’t have to move your neck or put it into a compromising position.

Of course, you have to feel comfortable having your face in the water. If you cannot hold your breath, you need to use a ….oh, what do you call that device that looks like a….snorkeling tube? I love holding my breath because it strengthens my diaphragm and lungs. Being a wind instrument musician…that comes in pretty handy. 🙂 It’s a good feeling.

So, for the moral of this story: Instead of thinking you absolutely cannot do something, look for an alternative. It more than likely will be there. Good luck!

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