Walking On Gravel & A TKR

Gravel has always presented me with problems ever since I started wearing a shoe lift 33 years ago. Those of you with even length legs might not understand that statement. My footing could easily be taken off guard by the inconsistencies found in gravel. There is no solid foundation upon which to walk. That’s why walking on pavement was great.

Now, after my tkr, I find myself in the same situation. My front yard is all gravel and too many times I’d be walking around and lose my footing. I look like a drunken sailor at times. And, I’m stone cold straight. 😕

My ankle will go to one side, I’ll catch myself, and straighten up with perfect posture. Sometimes there is pain, other times discomfort. It’s frustrating.

Oh well. That’s life. (I hear Frank Sinatra singing in the deep recesses of my mind). Could be much worse.

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