Buying an Under Desk Foot Rest After a TKR

Some of you have asked me if I had any information about buying an under desk foot rest after a tkr.  The rests are intended to elevate the tkr leg and keep the swelling down.

This tkr blogger purchased one desk foot rest in excellent condition at my local thrift store. It cost me a whopping $3. There is not even a scratch on it. So…I would recommend looking in thrift stores or consignment shops (although these stores charge more than thrift stores).

Seeing that times are tight for many, there are other ways to stretch the dollar while finding good bargains. Visiting garage sales, estate sales, or simply by letting friends know you’re in the market for one are good ideas. Auctions  may also be of service in finding and buying an under desk foot rest after a tkr.

Check out your local Craig’s List, under ‘For Sale’, Sporting. I found a recumbent bike in excellent condition that way. Plus, the sellers only lived 1-1/2 mile away and they delivered. 🙂 Nice… You may also want to check under Free, since I have seen tons of exercise equipment and mobility devices just being given away in this category.

And, if you want to buy an unpacked, new foot rest for your tkr leg….Office supply stores, department stores, or superstores such as WalMart are your best bet. Some deliver, just check it out.

Hope this helps….Good luck!!

P.S. I also wrote a blog post a while ago about how to elevate your leg while sitting at a desk without using a specially made foot rest. All methods worked for me. It’s all here somewhere. 🙂

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