Carrying Things Upstairs After A TKR

Sharing personal insight into carrying things upstairs after a tkr – total knee replacement.

Hi everyone. It’s always nice to hear from you. Recently, I have received many inquiries about carrying things upstairs after a tkr – total knee replacement. Throughout my tkr recuperation I looked for ways to make climbing stairs easier and more manageable. Here is my personal insight worth sharing on my tkr blog…

Upon entering the house, I place all bags onto the stair’s base level (floor). I then walk up one stair at a time. I reach down and pick up the bags with one hand, grab onto the rail with my other hand, then swing the bags (no..there’s no eggs involved) onto the stair 2-3 higher.

This tkr blogger repeats this process until I reach the entry door.

I  discovered this process after numerous times of carrying all the bags in both hands while ascending the staircase. This was difficult. The bags seemed heavy. Then when I’d get to the top of the tkr stairs (SEO phrase), I’d be sweaty and out of breath. Plus, my language would not have made my mother proud. 🙁

Where’s Popeye? He could do anything. I bet he would make carrying things upstairs after a tkr seem like a breeze.  🙂

Hope this helps anyone else going through the same thing.

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