My Health Story on President Obama's Site

As you may be aware, there is a health care reform act in the making. President Obama was asking citizens of the United States to submit their health care stories to his site. After receiving the stories, he would gather them together and present them to Congress as evidence of the dire need for reform.

After submitting my story a few weeks ago, I received an email today stating that it had been put on the website for all to see. Cool…

So, I thought I’d share it with you. If you have your own health care stories, and I’m sure you do 🙁 you can still submit them online. The more who become involve, the more likely reform will occur.

After being in an auto accident 30 years, I was left with life long injuries including double vision, damaged kidneys, leg length discrepancies, and other issues. I have no health insurance since I cannot afford it. The monthly costs are extremely prohibitive. What is even worse is the pre-existing clause that all policies seem to have. It is truly absurd and disgusting. Last year after having a total knee replacement (when I had insurance), I was prescribed a pain killer. I couldn’t afford it since it was $100 and insurance wouldn’t cover it. I lived without pain killers after a major surgery. I went to get a simple prescribed cream the other day and found out it was $70. For a cream. I am staying with the over-the-counter remedy for $3. Prescription costs are totally out of hand.

For more stories, or to submit your own…go to:

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