Rated One of the Best Total Knee Replacement Blogs of 2017

Hi everyone. I am proud to announce that this blog has been rated one of the Best Total Knee Replacement Blogs of 2017 by Healthline.com. I am humbled and honored. This accomplishment would not be possible without the support of you, my readers. Thank you!

Some of you voted for my site. Others willingly leave comments to share experiences, show support, and/or join the community in other ways. However you got involved, you played a part. 🙂

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Best TKR Blogs of 2017

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AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physicality concerns.

This site is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author and tkr patient who has been living with various physicalities for over 40+ years. She enjoys sharing her experiences to help others going through the same thing.

Yoga as TKR Recuperation

Hi my favorite readers! Yoga has become mainstream as being the ideal way to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. There is something particularly interesting about this ancient practice, however. It seems that the more we learn about yoga, the more we realize how intertwined it is into a variety of life’s areas. I am speaking about calisthenics and tkr recuperation, for this article’s purpose.

Look at any of the calisthenic stretching exercises and you will find a common yoga thread. Some of the yoga positions may be altered, but the basics are there. It’s quite interesting, actually. Of course, all exercises have standardized Western names to fit them in more perfectly with the culture. Go online to any reputable yoga site. Yoga Journal comes to mind. Find a list of postures. Then, go online to any fitness site and check out the flexibility exercises. Compare the two and find the similarities. If you do not want to go online, simply pick up a hard copy of your favorite yoga or fitness-oriented publication.

Case in point: While recuperating from a tkr, or total knee replacement, a common exercise concentrates on stretching out your hamstring. As you probably know, this is the muscle that runs along the backside of your knee. It plays a crucial role in properly supporting your knee.

One particular exercise is known as a wall slide. The wall slide involves laying on your back and placing your tkr leg on the wall. To stretch your hamstring, you need to place as much of your leg as possible against the wall.

As it turns out, this same position is titled a “Supported Inversion” in yoga. This posture is currently being promoted as one of many postures that can help you get a sound night’s sleep. Go figure.

Life is intertwined, isn’t it?

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Update On Kneeling After A TKR

Hi my favorite readers! Some of you have contacted me or posted comments about kneeling after a tkr. I have written about this previously, but the information needs updated. So…

It’s been 5.5 years since my tkr. Originally, kneeling was a no go. Then, I could do it only when taking it slow and easy. I could not put much weight onto my tkr knee.

Now…I can kneel. It’s not a pretty sight, though. Come to think of it, that might make for an entertaining YouTube video.

The same as Carol mentioned, a supportive commenter, I need to put a pillow or other soft surface under my knee. I can kneel on the driver’s side car seat enough to wear I can accomplish lifting items out of an opposite-side glove compartment. This was impossible during the first couple years after my tkr.

Everyone is different. Just because it works for me does not mean it will work for you. And…my kneeling is nowhere near the level it is with my “good” knee. My flexibility is about 95..where it was before my tkr. No worries, though.

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Happy Labor Day 2013!

Hi my favorite readers. Today is the first Monday in September. This means that it is set aside as Labor Day in the United States. Dating back to 1894, the year Congress passed an act that legally made this a holiday.

The holiday is intended to give workers a chance to relax. The day of celebration was originally developed by the labor movement. The day was set aside as a tribute to specifically show appreciation for the dedication, economic, and social accomplishments the American workforce has made toward the government’s overall success.

Accordingly to this year’s industry statistics, an estimated 45% of the population will be working. (Just thought I’d throw that in.)

Enjoy and be safe!

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