How To Find Motivation to Exercise After A TKR

Hi everyone. Usually, it is easy to back out of exercising. Many people continually make excuses about why they don’t exercise. However, I want to share some great ways on how to find motivation to exercise after a tkr. Read on…

Be diligent in doing your exercises while recuperating from your total knee replacement and you will get excited about what used to be difficult when moving your body. Why? You will reap your rewards. Here’s my take on the issue….

* You will love how thrilling it is to be able to walk without pain.

* It is great to have what is known as a ‘normal’ walking gait without walking aides.

* It is fantastic to be able to walk fast enough to get out of breath and work up a sweat. (To some this would be “speed walking”. I like to think of it as walking faster than I did prior to my tkr.)

* It is wonderful to be able to walk trails, take in the scenery, and smell the air without feeling any joint pain.

* It is a nice feeling knowing that you are getting the most out of your total knee replacement surgery.

* It is so welcoming to have clothes fit better. I know, in my case, there were times when my dryer shrunk too many clothes. 😕

All of these combine to provide motivation in staying with, or starting, an exercise program.

Hope this helps you get motivated to exercise after your tkr (or any time, for that matter).

Always remember to be grateful you can walk.

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Adding A Boost To Walking After a TKR

Just recently, as my walking speed has been able to increase, I have noticed that I can throw in a new move. During my total knee replacement recuperation process, I tried doing this previously, but was unable to due to the pain and decreased mobility issues. 🙁

The move is similar to that used when one is marching. (Yes, I was in a marching band for years. Me and my flute alongside all my band buddies.) 🙂 Let’s see if I can describe it, for the marching novices among us…

As my right leg takes a step, my upper torso is directed towards my right. And vice versa. It makes for a great workout while walking. It is what I call a “gentle marching movement”. It’s the kind you see when the marching band passes by in a parade while not playing their instruments. What even makes it more fun is the fact John Philip Sousa marches seem to pop into my head while taking my “walks”. Let the records show that I am a Sousa addict. Nothing like a good “Semper Fi (Semper Fidelis)” to get the blood flowing! 🙂

What makes this better than anything, though, is the fact that it’s a vast improvement over where I have been during my tkr recuperation. This movement has only been possible within the last month. So, it took 14 months to get this far.

If you are at the stage of your tkr recuperation that allows this movement, go for it. You may enjoy it. 🙂

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