How To Naturally Improve Your Posture

Hello everyone. Slouching and other poor posture positions are becoming increasingly popular – especially when sitting in a chair all day, staring at a computer. I thought it would be worthy to share some insight about the importance posture plays in your overall health. You can use the below-mentioned techniques to naturally improve your posture. You do not have to spend a penny. Enjoy…

For some background – Poor posture places increased stress on joints, internal organs, and plays havoc on the spinal column. It can also negatively affect your balance. If you don’t believe me, tilt your upper body forward and start walking around.

In addition to increasing joint stress, poor posture results in improper spinal alignment which causes a number of health concerns. Health concerns include increased pain caused by pinched nerves, limited mobility and a number of other ailments that are not a lot of fun.

Hold in your stomach muscles. While going for walks, tighten your abdominal muscles so your navel goes toward your spinal column. Continue breathing normally and don’t stress out over it. It’s a natural process.

Your muscles like to be worked. Feel your spinal column straighten immediately. In fact, it’s hard…if not impossible…to slouch when your stomach (abdominal) muscles are tightened.

Try this maneuver next time you go walking, sitting for any length of time or even standing in line. Consciously make a point of doing it throughout the day- no matter what you are doing.

Pull your shoulders back. Instead of letting your shoulders slump, make a point of pulling them up and back so your chest is open. You will immediately find breathing easier, when done correctly.

Be proactive: Instead of letting your health decline to the point of needing a doctor’s visit, be proactive and check out your posture. This is especially true when you FIRST experience a tingling sensation in any extremity.

Poor posture may be the root of your concern. Do some stretches, take breaks, tighten your abs, sit up straight. It costs nothing, only an increased body awareness that helps develop healthy habits.

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