Pony Up Rescue..Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

Hi everyone. I know there are many animal lovers among us. Let’s get together and support a worthy cause that is near and dear to my heart. It is known as Pony Up Rescue for Equines. We need to help these majestic creatures that cannot help themselves. How can you show support?

Today is May 5, the Great Give day where charities match donations for this day only. Here is a story about a horse named Zoey, who is alive today because of Pony Up and its tireless efforts:


Because she didn’t have the appropriate coloring, Zoey was cruelly ripped from her mother and destined for slaughter when #PonyUpRescue stepped in and gave her a home. Today she is a beautiful young horse dearly loved by her adoptive family. You can help save other horses like Zoey by making a donation today through the #KitsapGreatGive. For one day, every dollar receives matching funds – and all money will go toward the care, feeding and training of abandoned or neglected horses. Won’t you help? It’s easy, just click on the link and follow the directions.


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