Water-Based TKR Clicking..WHAT??!!

Hi my favorite readers! I’ve written previously about tkr clicking occurring during periods after my surgery. The experiences all occurred on land. Some of you have shared your own experiences. Mine, fortunately, is no concern. It happened for a short time. When it does happen, it is very sporadic and not painful. Something recently happened that I thought was worthy of sharing….

It happened while I was swimming. Water is known for its buoyancy factor, meaning it supports most of the body weight. It takes pressure off your joints. That’s why it makes such a fantastic exercise medium. Anyways…

I was swimming and suddenly my knee felt like it was clicking. It was the strangest feeling. It only last for a few kicks. What a bizarre feeling, though.

Since then, it has happened occasionally. There is no pain associated with it. Talk about strange…

Well, that’s the end of my experience with water-based tkr clicking. Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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Update on TKR Clicking

It’s nice to see how much support and feedback has been received about a post I did on tkr clicking. The original post was written over 2 years ago, but comments are still being posted. Apparently, I was not alone in experiencing this concern.

I felt an update was appropriate. (Probably because I was just asked for one…thanks to my favorite readers. 🙂 )

First of all, my total knee replacement surgery happened 02/2008. So, use the following information to form your opinion.

My tkr clicks when I first stand up after sitting for a while. A while can range anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. I get antsy sitting for longer than an hour, anyways. Sometimes my tkr knee clicks multiple times, other times it’s only once or twice.

I’m not concerned about it since it’s not causing any undue hardship, discomfort or pain. Plus, it’s not that common of an occurrence.

I count my blessings, since I understand that’s not the case for everyone who’s undergone a total knee replacement. After reading what some of my readers say about having doctors wanting to perform all kinds of surgery on them after a tkr, I also count my blessings for having an excellent tkr surgeon that doesn’t do that.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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Eleven Months After A Total Knee Replacement

Hi my favorite readers! It is that time of the month again…time for my monthly update. As of today’s date, I am 11 months post total knee replacement. Here are some of the results:

My scar is beautifully healed. Only the top 1.5” above my knee is discolored. I like my scar and view it as a trophy. 🙂 I took care of it while it was healing.

My bionic knee still has flexibility issues. However, I expect that and work on it regularly. My total knee replacement was not your typical one. It was trauma related, so needs a longer recuperation process. Riding an upright bicycle is the key, I have found. The flexibility is better than before my surgery, though. I can get on the exercise bike much easier than previously.

My knee is still swollen, only less than last month. Still, the swelling increases after prolonged periods of standing or exercising. No complaints.

My knee has clicked a couple of times this period. It’s more of a curiosity than concern, however.

My range of motion has increased without the accompanying pain.

I can walk more than a city block without pain. This was not so before my total knee replacement.

I can ride my upright exercise bike at a lower seat level and greater tension with much more ease than previously. The pain level has diminished, also. (I probably shouldn’t say this because Murphy’s Law follows me around, you know).

The damaged nerve, caused by my former bone spur, results in painful sleeping. Sometimes, it bothers me during the day.

I can sit comfortably in a chair. This was not possible for months after my tkr.

The overall knee pain has diminished.

I can perform various yoga, belly dancing, Tai Chi, and stretching poses without much pain. Not prior.

Stairs are still a pain in the butt. Or..knee, back, leg – and pride.

Actually, not much else is different from my tenth month update. The biggest difference is the decrease in swelling and overall level of pain.

I have taken care of pain in my nonsurgical leg by using my tkr leg more.

Hope this helps others going through the exciting recuperation from a total knee replacement.

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