How To Enjoy A Body Cast

Hi everyone. While recently talking with one of my friends about the benefits of having pets, something came to mind. It involves me and my cat Puffy and my days of living in a body cast (in technical terms it is known as a spica cast.) I was in a body cast due to having a fractured femur (thigh bone).

My entire upper body was encased in plaster. From directly below my breast line to my hip bones, my body was completely covered. The portion over my torso was totally flat. It was the perfect environment for holding my drinks, plate of food, and/or my cat Puffy.

Here’s the scoop…

Puffy was used to jumping up onto my stomach, getting a few friendly petting strokes, then settling in for a nap while I was laying down. He’d delightfully purr away while enjoying his sleep time. He would gently go along for the ride as my lungs filled up with air, then lowered as they emptied. He was very content. And, so was I. It was a relaxing sight.

Then, I was in a body cast. I was laying on the sofa when suddenly Puffy jumps up. He’s standing there, probably wondering “what the hey?”, then turns to take a look at me. I petted him. He just lowered himself into his typical sleeping position (where his front paws were gently placed underneath his chin). Then he started taking his nap. This became a regular habit throughout my body cast days.

Puffy enjoyed my body cast. It provided the perfect flat solution for a good few hours of restful sleep. So, the way to enjoy a body cast is by having a pet who enjoys it also. 🙂

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