Making A Flip-Flop Shoe Lift

Since wearing a nearly 2” shoe lift makes life easier for me, I needed to come up with something that would work with my poolside flip-flops. Well…

I had an extra pair of black flip-flops (that term cracks me up for some reason…) that was just collecting dust. Since I replaced them with a more sturdier version, I haven’t been using them. Something told me not to throw them out.

Shoe lift solution…
1) Cut off the material that goes between the toes on the unused flip-flops. No need for it.
2) Attach the shoe to the bottom of my current flip-flop. To do this, I needed to turn the older one upside down to align it properly.
3) Follow Red Green’s advice and use duct tape on everything.
4) Duct tape two flip-flops together in two places. One place near the heel. The other place near the ball of my foot.
5) New, modernized flip-flop complete with shoe lift ready to use.

VIOLA!! They work like a charm.

Hoping this can help others going through the same thing.

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Curbs & A TKR

As I was walking outdoors earlier today, my journey included walking up a steep incline and conquering a couple of curbs. (I make it sound like mountain climbing.) The curbs are still exercise for me, 17 months post tkr. So, it got me thinking about sharing this info with others. Then….

This post has been difficult to write. I started out just intending to share the information about how to view and use curbs to your advantage after a tkr. Then, I recalled how we need to work out way up to this level (of using steps). We need to develop our gait, balance and leg muscles in order to accomplish this feat. As any tkr patient is well aware….it’s easier said than done. Hmm…

Let me see if this works…

When you are out and about, use curbs as a form of step up exercise. You don’t need to go to the gym or purchase any special equipment.

That’s it. Hopefully this info can help others. As the famous philosopher, Red Green, says…”We’re all in this together”. 🙂

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TKR Numbness & Pain

Hi my favorite readers! After receiving some emails and comments from my readers regarding their tkr leg getting either numb or painful, I wanted to post a reply for others who may be experiencing these same symptoms.

For myself, the area surrounding my bionic knee scar is numb. However, I’m so used to it, it’s no big deal. It could be much worse. The area is most pronounced immediately on top of my knee cap area. It extends to about 2” radius/circle surrounding my entire knee (inside, outside, top, bottom).

When I first stand up, there is pain on the outside portion of my knee. It is most noticeable from the outside of my tkr knee to my foot. Sometimes my foot tingles and feels like there are little critters crawling on it. Eww… The pain was MUCH, MUCH worse before my surgery, though. The current pain is worse during sleeping when I attempt to change positions. OUCH!!

I don’t know if it is because I have gotten used to it, or it is the passage of time, but the pain has diminished from when my total knee replacement recuperation first began 13 months ago.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing. It does get better, in my opinion. If it doesn’t, I would suggest consulting with your physician.

Good luck! As the famous philosopher, Red Green, once said…”We’re all in this together!” 😉

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Songwriting Concerns

While my thoughts are still buzzing around after my yearly follow-up for my tkr, I thought I’d take a break from it and write about something else.

Tonight I am enjoying the intellectually stimulating Red Green Show. Each episode has Harold and Red sitting by the campfire singing a song. The song performed on tonight’s episode did not rhyme nor make any sense at all. Add this to Red’s voice lacking any tone and…. It was great! 🙂

Anyways….it got my creative juices flowing since I’ve been involved with songwriting lately. I have a thing about wanting things to rhyme. I’m not so heavy into that now since hearing Red and Harold. 😕 I threw together these short poems.

Being a song writing novice,
Can be rather overwhelming
When it comes to being stumped,
Just do it and quit whining….

Red Green on guitar,
Harold on spoons,
Sing about life,
While sitting in the boons.
So worried about not rhyming lyrics,
Just sit and sit while tossing proses,
Only to watch a Red Green show,
Prove it comes and goes in doses
It don’t rhyme,
It don’t jive,
Makes me laugh,
And that’s no crime.

Uncomfortable Bicycle Seat? Try This Cheap & Easy Fix…

Hi my favorite readers! Have you recently bought a bicycle, either stationery or otherwise, that has an uncomfortable seat? Well, one of my readers recently had a problem that brought back memories.

See, the bicycle I had was a great bike other than the seat causing my butt to become uncomfortable. Sometimes, it wasn’t just uncomfortable – it was downright painful. And, there were times when it would become numb. I don’t like a numb butt…

After trying different seats, I had exhausted my options – or so I thought. Then, one evening I was watching the Red Green Show. To anyone who is not familiar with this creative genius (strong laugh goes here), his answer to everything is duct tape.

So, I had a bag of bubble wrap from my moving days. I wondered if that could be put to use in my bicycle seat dilemma. Hence, starts the experiment.

I wrapped the bubble wrap around the seat, adjusted it to the width that I was comfortable with, and secured it with duct tape. VIOLA!! (To make it extra secure, place a strip of duct tape on the beginning piece that’s attached to your bike. That will keep the sliding back and forth to a minimum once you start pedaling). Then, start the wrapping process.

The seat was now comfortable, worked just fine, and made for a good conversation piece. (It is not that pretty of a sight). It works, that is all that matters.

So, for anyone concerned about using their exercise bike while recuperating from a total knee replacement (that wording is for the search engines…:) ) – or anyone else, for that matter – try the bubble wrap & duct tape method.

Good luck! Have duct tape, will travel.

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Being Sensitive to the Cold – Total Knee Replacement

Recently, a number of you (my favorite readers!) have contacted me with a tkr recuperation concern. I believe it is worth sharing with everyone. It seems that some were wondering if it was “normal” to get cold so easily. As they were talking, something rang a bell in my thought processes. “Ah…being extra sensitive to the colder weather must be part of the healing process,” I thought to myself.

It’s just funny how I didn’t think much about this aspect prior to hearing others being concerned about it. Yes, I too, find that I need to get “bundled up” more than I normally would. It seems that I get chills much easier than I “normally” would.

At home, fleece and/or flannel clothing work well. Even a knit cap does wonders during the night.

My knee is still swollen (almost nine months after my tkr). This means that my immune system is still not up to par. So, I need to take extra precautions that the average bear would not have to.

It could be much worse. Oh well, so be it. Maybe this information will help others going through the same situation. As Red Green likes to say, “We’re all in this together.”

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