For My Cold Weather TKR Friends

Hi everyone! Here’s the scoop for my cold weather tkr friends…While recuperating from a tkr, I learned about how convenient flannel-lined satin pajamas were. Even when my recuperation first started, and I couldn’t switch positions, I found that the sliding ability of satin worked well. So…I wrote a post about it.

After having searched everywhere for new pajamas, I was running out of luck and patience. No manufacturer seems to make that variety anymore. Then, as luck would have it, I ran into a former lingerie Sales Manager at my local department store. Here’s the scoop….

The pajamas are technically known as  brush back satin. I finally had a name for them! It is satin that is lined (backed) with flannel. It turns out that the pajamas are not manufactured on a regular basis but on a sporadic basis (if at all, any more).

“Those pajamas were so popular”, she said. “We only received so many throughout the cold weather season, though. Then, we wouldn’t receive anymore for a long time. People were always asking about them,” the former sales manager told me.

Since I’m tired of being frustrated while searching department stores, I called my fabric store to check out the possibility of buying the same type of fabric. (I used to sew all my clothes in my younger days. 🙂 )

Yes, the fabric is made. The material is called “flannel-backed satin”. It averages $10 a yard. So…that breaks down to about $30-40 for a comfy pair of pj’s. Hmm.. That’s just the material, too. I’ll check out the fabric store tomorrow and get the total scoop.

The comfort from being able to slide easily in bed without experiencing excess pain and/or discomfort is well worth the extra cost, in my opinion.

Hope this tkr insight helps others going through the total knee replacement recuperation process and same thing.

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