Satin Pajamas & A TKR

This sounds like it should be a song. Anyways, sleeping concerns during the recuperation process after having a total knee replacement are common. It’s so common, in fact, that I have already made a variety of blog posts on this subject. Always looking for any way to get a good night’s sleep has caused me to experiment quite a bit. I thought it was appropriate to share some information that I have found helps make my attempt at sleeping easier. It may work for you, as well. Here goes…

Wear satin pajamas. Unless it has been a short period since you have been out of your tkr surgery, there is a chance that you want to toss and turn during your sleep. I needed to sleep in a prone (on back) position for the first three months – you may be different. My discovery: Tossing and turning can be handled MUCH easier when wearing satin pajamas. Why?

Maneuverability. Satin is a material that allows easy slidability. (I made my own word here – slidability. It’s like drinkability only it applies to sliding. 🙂 ) It is easy to maneuver around in. There is no pulling nor tugging against the bed sheets while trying to get comfortable. This means that it is easy to pull yourself into a hopefully comfortable sleeping position. This will be a welcome relief for your tkr leg.

Sensory. Satin is a sensory delightful material. Unless you are allergic to satin, the feel of it against your skin is very pleasant. It’s smooth to the touch. The more pleasant feelings you can get while recuperating from your total knee replacement…the better off you are. 🙂

. Satin is a comfortable fabric. Satin hangs well against your body. There is room to move.

If you are lucky, you can find some satin pajamas lined with flannel to help out during colder weather. This is what I have and I swear by them. (I’ve even been made fun of since I take these on camping trips.) 🙂

NOTE: I would think you can get the same benefit from having satin sheets. However – I wouldn’t recommend combining satin pajamas with satin sheets, though. You might slide yourself right onto the floor. 🙂