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People Think the Detroit Red Wings will "fall"?

Get a grip. I have been listening to NHL interviews with various sports writers, announcers and analysts. There is a hub bub (speculating talk) about the Detroit Red Wings being the team to watch since they lost Hossa and other key players. “The Red Wings may fall” is the statement. Apparently, these “hockey news” individuals […]

NHL News…Retirements, Signings and Updates

Mats Sundin announced his retirement from the NHL after 18 seasons of playing. His NHL career includes 1,346 games and 1,349 points.

He has played with Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks.

Theo Fleury announced his retirement after playing in the NHL for 15 seasons. His career accomplishments include 1,084 games and 1,088 […]

1965 Vintage Hockey

The NHL Network has an entertaining show titled “Vintage Hockey”. Many times the games are not what I would really consider vintage. Sometimes, though, there are some GREAT ones. Like yesterday…

The match-up involved two Original Six teams: Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks. This traditional rivalry was a total delight to watch and listen to…It […]

Pittsburgh Penguins Honored at White House…NOT a political debate

Every year the defending champions of the Stanley Cup are honored at the White House. The team takes the trip, meets the President and the President makes a speech. The team stands behind and along side the President. It is a happy and proud moment.

After reading an article about the Pittsburgh Penguins memorable meeting yesterday, […]

Today is the Official Joe Sakic Retirement Day…

Bummer…after playing for 20 years, Joe Sakic officially announced his retirement from the sport of hockey. I much as I loathe the Colorado Avalanche (;) ), he was a treasure to watch play. I will miss him.

Here is the news article from the Hockey News:

Avalanche captain Joe Sakic retires from hockey after 20 NHL season

Canadien […]

Irony At Its Strangest

We know that the Detroit Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup to the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 7. We also know that the octopus is a Detroit tradition dating back about 60 years. (For those who don’t know, octopus is thrown on the ice at Detroit’s home games at Joe Louis Arena. […]

Game 7 Stanley TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Tonight is the night all hockey fans have been waiting for! Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final!! Pittsburgh Penguins will be playing in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. No griping, Pens…

It’ll be a great game! First time in 54 years that a Game 7 has been played at Joe Louis Arena […]

Quit Whining About Detroit Red Wings

It happened again. I heard another hockey ‘fan’ gripe about being tired of the Detroit Red Wings winning all the time. While watching NHL Live! (broadcast on the NHL Network), a caller from Pittsburgh was whining about how unfair it is about the Wings. This person, like so many others, is disgruntled with […]

Detroit Red Wings Lead Series 2-0

The Detroit Red Wings are up 2-0  in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.  In Game 2 of this best of seven series, the Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1 on home ice.  The game was at Joe Louis Arena (“The Joe”)  in Detroit. The game was broadcast on NBC and the announcers did a great […]

Detroit Red Wings Clinch Western Conference Title

The Detroit Red Wings were victors over the Chicago Blackhawks in tonight’s Game 5 of the Western Conference Final Series.  It was the third OT game of the series.  What a game!!  The Blackhawks were phenomenal and the goaltending in both goals was unbelievable. 🙂

The Wings won 2-1 and took home the Campbell Trophy that […]