Ways to Naturally Relieve Scoliosis Discomfort

Hi my favorite readers! Having lived with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) for over 35 years, I have found there are a number of ways to naturally ease the discomfort level without taking prescription pain killers. Hopefully, you will find some of these useful for your situation. They range from physical activity, stretching, to meditation.

Physical activity.
Any activity that involves excessive jostling of the spinal column is a no go. Any activity that involves excessive pressure or stress on my spinal column does not work well with me. Hence, no jet skiing. I found that out the hard way. That activity involves way too much vertical spinal movement with hard landings for me to be comfortable. The same can be said about horseback riding.

* Swimming is an excellent physical activity to engage in to ease scoliosis discomfort. The water’s natural buoyancy supports body weight, taking pressure off the spinal column and joints. Some of my favorite exercises include:
· lifting my knee to my chest,
· holding onto the pool side while pulling my legs in, and
· simply using the water as a resistance against my legs.

* Stationary rowing is another good physical activity to engage in since it strengthens my back and upper body muscles. Movable rowing allows me to stretch my back, which helps my scoliosis. The same goes for snowshoeing.

* Stationary bicycling helps my lower back and scoliosis. I feel the stretch in my glutes and lower back. It’s not fun, but it works.

* As far as calisthenics go, I sometimes use ankle weights. I simply lay flat and do leg lifts. My leg lifts are to the side and straight up. I can feel my lower back muscles working. I know that helps my scoliosis. This exercise is also marvelous when done standing up in the water.

Stretching is fantastic for improving flexibility, hindering muscle stiffness and reducing pain. This provides an immeasurable benefit. Some of the stretching exercises that work will for me are the following:

* Lay on my back and lift my legs to my chest. I grab my knees and pull them forward until I feel the stretch in my lower back. This feels remarkably wonderful.
Laying on my side and bringing my leg forward to my chest. Again, I do this until I feel my lower back stretch.

* Lay on my back, and put my arms out sideways at shoulder length. I grab onto something to use as a foundation (like table legs, or bed sides). Then, I bring my knees to my chest. I then rock my legs side to side by holding my upper torso still. I do this until I feel a strong stretch as my lower back loosens up. Sometimes, for an extra stretch, I straighten my legs while on one side. This works great in easing any scoliosis discomfort. In fact, this is my personal favorite.

* Tai Chai provides me with a variety of stretching positions to ease my scoliosis discomfort. One particular movement involves clasping both hands and moving them overhead. Then, turn the upper torso to the right, bend to the right, and hold for a few seconds. Move back to center, and then turn to the left. The lower back stretch is wonderful from this movement.

* Another Tai Chi movement involves simply holding a ‘pretend’ ball in front of me- one hand above the other. Then, I bend to the waist level. The next movement involves keeping the bend while moving it to the right side. Same goes for the left. This move can also be done with an exercise ball. Tai Chai is a simple, yet powerful way to stretch out muscles.

* Speaking of exercise balls, these are fantastic for all-body stretches. I find that laying face down and then face up on one does wonders for alleviating my scoliosis discomfort. Laying face up with the ball across the center portion of my spine works equally as well. The stretch can be enhanced by raising arms overhead.

* Doing a simple toe-touching maneuver helps. By slightly bending my knees, I can slowly bend forward until my palms reach the floor. Holding this position until I feel my back muscles loosen greatly helps.

Finally, meditating every day for a bit is a great way to calm the mind while also loosening the muscles.

This article only contains suggestions based on my personal experience in alleviating my scoliosis discomfort. They may not work for you. I will not be held responsible for any negative consequences resulting from someone following my suggestions.

AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physicality concerns. The site is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author and tkr patient who has been living with various physicalities for over 30+ years. She enjoys sharing her experiences to help others going through the same thing. She holds an advanced university degree in business administration.

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Mindful TKR Walking

I frequently discuss how important walking is while recuperating from a tkr, or as any part of life, for that matter. You’re probably been told that by your medical care professional, also.

I recently came across an article written by the Arthritis Foundation that mentions there is now a branch of Tai Chi called “Mindful Walking”. Interesting…

The walking consists of focusing your mind on what your body is doing. I don’t know about you, but I was doing that already in my initial phases of walking. I mean, you kind of have to seeing that walking is so new after getting a tkr.

Anyways, I find it interesting that a new “branch” of Tai Chi has been developed. Tai Chi has been around for so long (centuries), it just is amusing to me how medical science is claiming it is such an innovative method of getting physical activity. Whatever it takes, I guess. Oh…and money can be made off of it now. Go figure…

Just sharing…enjoy!

Eleven Months After A Total Knee Replacement

Sharing personal insight into eleven months after a total knee replacement.

Hi my favorite readers! It is that time of the month again…time for my monthly update. As of today’s date, I am eleven months after a  total knee replacement. Here are some of the results:

  • My scar is beautifully healed. Only the top 1.5″ above my knee is discolored. I like my scar and view it as a trophy.  🙂 I kept it clean throughout the healing process.
  • My bionic knee still has flexibility issues. However, I expect that and work on it regularly. My total knee replacement was not your typical one. It was trauma related, so needs a longer recuperation process. Riding an upright bicycle is the key, I have found. The flexibility is better than before my surgery, though. I can get on the exercise bike much easier than previously.
  • My knee is still swollen, only less than last month. Still, the swelling increases after prolonged periods of standing or exercising. No complaints for it being eleven months after a total knee replacement.
  • My knee has clicked a couple of times this period. It’s more of a curiosity than concern, however.
  • My range of motion has increased without the accompanying pain.
  • I can walk more than a city block without pain. This was not so before my total knee replacement.
  • I can ride my upright exercise bike at a lower seat level and greater tension with much more ease than previously. The pain level has diminished, also. (I probably shouldn’t say this because Murphy’s Law follows me around, you know).
  • The damaged nerve, caused by my former bone spur, results in painful sleeping. Sometimes, it bothers me during the day.
  • I can sit comfortably in a chair. This was not possible for months after my tkr.
  • The overall knee pain has diminished.
  • I can perform various yoga, belly dancing, Tai Chi, and stretching poses without much pain. This was not true prior to my tkr surgery.
  • Stairs are still a pain in the butt. Or..knee, back, leg, and pride pain.

Actually, not much else is different from my tenth month update. The biggest difference is the decrease in swelling and overall level of pain.

I have taken care of pain in my nonsurgical leg by using my tkr leg more.

Hope this helps others going through the exciting recuperation from a total knee replacement.

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