A Therapy Car For TKR Recuperation? YES!

Hi everyone. We all know the difficulties of getting in and out of a car after having a total knee replacement (aka tkr) surgery. There is some exciting news happening in the medical rehabilitation development field…it’s called a Therapy Car.

I just finished reading a very interesting article in the current issue of Virginia Mason’s newsletter. The Therapy Car was developed by the team members at this prestigious and world-known hospital. The device is in the licensing process for manufacture and distribution worldwide.

The model Therapy Car frame is composed of light-weight connectors and tubing that can be adjusted to simulate different automotive makes and models. There is something for everyone going through the total knee replacement recuperation process. How cool is that?

Before you go out and try to buy one, though – the therapy car is only used under the supervision of an occupational or physical therapist. It’ll be part of the therapy tools we can use during our tkr recuperation.

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