3 Natural Ways To Decrease TKR Pain

Hi everyone. Anyone who regularly visits this site knows that I firmly believe in natural remedies as much as possible. After having recent bouts of extreme neuropathy pain caused by previous bone spurs, I needed to find new ways to reduce pain without prescription drugs…The neuropathy is located on the left side of my tkr. (I had to fit in tkr so the search engines love it…:) ) Here’s the scoop…..

1) Mattress rotation. It turns out one night I noticed that when laying flat on my back, my hip bones were uneven. My right one was about 1/2” higher than my left one. I also noticed that when I elevated my left hip, the neuropathy pain increased. So…an inspection was to begin.

It turns out the center portion of my mattress was caving in, or sinking. This slight alteration was causing my body to become slightly misaligned. Hence…the increased pain.

We all hear about the importance of flipping over the mattress so even depreciation takes place. It extends the mattress’ useful life, for one thing. It also plays a key role in keeping the spinal column as straight as possible..in my case, anyways.

Rotating and flipping the mattress over helped tremendously.

2) Massage. The source of the neuropathy is a nerve bundle in my lower spinal column (coccyx) area. Massaging this area helps.

3) Hot tubs with jets. Jets pointed at the nerve bundle massage the area and decrease pain for an extended period of time. Two drawbacks: a) I don’t like public hot tubs; b) the heat quickens my swimsuit depreciation, it will shorten the life span of my swimsuit. Heat expands elasticity.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing. Any similar stories? Feel free to share….

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Gentle Massaging & A TKR

Hi my favorite readers! It’s so great hearing from everyone who takes the time to leave comments. It always provides valuable feedback that informs, enlightens and entertains everyone. One subject was recently brought up that sparked a new post. It’s about massaging the tkr area.

Here’s an article I wrote about massaging after a tkr that I believe is appropriate for sharing again…

After my wound bandage and staples were removed, I found massage to be invaluable for easing discomfort levels. I would very gently rub along each side of my tkr scar. During the initial stages, my knee would be elevated on a pillow while I sat on a sofa. Eventually, I would gently bend the knee and massage it with my fingertips. Circular motions over the top and bottom portions of the scar worked well, too.

Sometimes massaging the inner and outer knee edges does wonders for pain. I’ve written previously about having severe neuropathy along the outer portion of my tkr. This was caused by a bone spur. It will never go away. The pain level varies. It’s part of life and I don’t worry about it. When it does get bothersome, however, I find that a gentle massage with my fingertips works wonders. So does icing. 🙂 When I use an exercise machine, I put extra cushioning over the area to protect the nerves.

Applying light circular pressure to my inner tkr side eases the pain. When done slowly, it feels wonderful. You may receive the same relief.

When my scar was completely healed, I started massaging the entire tkr knee area. Even to this day, just a simple up and down movement feels very relaxing. I use my entire hand for this one. Usually, my palm will begin to warm up the knee area. If there is any pain, it definitely lessens with this easy massage.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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