Don't Mess With My Glasses

I was thinking about my vision and how important it is to me when I remembered how it began. So, I thought I’d write about. Hope you enjoy..

My love affair with my vision started when I was a young tot in third grade. That’s when I got my first pair of glasses. They were the attractive ones (tongue in cheek) with beige coloring and diamond cut inserts on the sides. I loved my glasses since I could see clearly when I wore them. Go figure. Anyways…here’s a true story:

It was a beautiful summer’s day. My friend and I were out catching pollywogs at one of my favorite places..the pollywog pond. The pollywog pond was a housing development gone bad since it never got further then a bulldozer digging up dirt and leaving a big hole in the ground. When it rained, the water gathered. Hence, it turned into a pond. With time, the pollywogs came. It was fun catching pollywogs in a bucket and taking them home. I’d keep them in the backyard. I loved watching these swimmers sprought legs and begin the maturation process into reptilehood. My mom didn’t like it, though. “Get those filthy things out of here. Put them back where they belong,” she’d say. Sometimes she could be a party pooper.

Back to the story…as my friend and I were checking out the new batch of pollywogs, a voice came from nowhere. “Get out of here. You don’t belong here. This is my property.” I looked up and saw Stinky, the brat from the next block. Stinky’s real name was Billy. He got his nickname since anyone with a sense of smell would know he was around. He could never sneak up on anyone. Stinky and I were enemies. I used to beat him in baseball all the time and he didn’t like it. He would tease me mercilessly in front of others which I didn’t like. We couldn’t stand the sight of each other.

I stood up. “This isn’t your property. It’s my dad’s,” I replied. “I said get out of here,” he said as he moved closer. “No. Make me,” I retorted. So, with that, he started pushing me. He made the first move. I pushed back. Then, a couple pushes later, my glasses flew off. That did it. You can mess with me, but don’t mess with my glasses.

If anyone is familiar with Curly and the “Pop Goes The Easel” skit…that was what I was like. (Every time Curly would hear the song ‘Pop Goes The Weasel’ he’d go insane and start flinging his arms and punching anything/everything in sight). Stinky and I were fighting when suddenly he got a bloody nose. He turned and started yelling, “I’m gonna tell my mom on you!” He was running home. “Oh yeah! Ya big sissy!” was my response.

Then, my friend and I went to find my coveted glasses. We found them. It was a joy. As I put my glasses on, I remember thinking how nice it was to see clearly. It’s the simple things that matter. Ahh…childhood memories.

Living With Double Vision

Hi everyone. Part of the reason I have not posted in a few days is the fact I’ve been involved in scheduling an eye surgery. Of course this involves eye appointments. Holy Mackerel. As grateful as I am for everything, by the time the eye exam is done…I just want to sleep. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I finally received a diagnosis I could understand. See…34 years ago I was in a car accident in which I experienced numerous injuries. One was a closed head injury that was a result of my head hitting the dashboard and going through the windshield. This head trauma caused a weak muscle and damaged nerve in my left eye. I was told then that I would have diplopia (double vision) for the rest of my life. This diplopia originally started on my right lateral.

For years I needed to be super careful about what I ate and drank. I wore regular eyeglasses. I noticed that if I consumed caffeine or too much salt, my diplopia worsened. It also worsened when I’d eat anything with MSG (monosodium glutamate) in it. (Remember, this is before MSG was the health concern that it is today. In fact, it was sold in the spice section of grocery stores. I loved the stuff and was disheartened when I realized I could not eat it. 🙁 ) I noticed that when my hormones were unbalanced, so was my diplopia. As time as progressed, I find it very interesting that whenever I have told an eye professional like a M.D. or D.O. (or whatever the initials for an optometrist are) about the effects of foods and/or hormones on my diplopia (and there have been many times)….they find it entertaining and treat it lightly. They cannot believe anything like that effects my condition. Hmm…I wonder if a naturopath or acupuncturist would. ?? Just curious.

I didn’t know about eye glass prisms until 8 years ago. I don’t know if prisms existed back in the late 1970’s. I wasn’t made aware of them if they were. They’re great. I can see straight. That is until about six months ago. My diplopia has affected all of my visual fields. Now…I see double even while wearing my glasses. And, my prism cannot get much stronger.

The diagnosis…after the completion of my eye exam, my ophthalmologist told me I have a nerve palsy affecting the nerve surrounding my cerebellum.. As she described the nerve, its location sounded perfectly aligned with where my head injury occurred. I was impressed. Impressed, yet scared. Suddenly I have a palsy. Isn’t it funny how you can live with a condition for so long and just learn to deal with it and suddenly when it’s given a name ….it’s viewed differently? I find that interesting, anyways.

So..instead of wearing glasses that will look abnormal and accentuate my vision defect, I am going to have the surgery. I thought I wasn’t vain, but I don’t want to wear glasses with tape and stripes across the entire lens. My diplopia has reached the point where I want it fixed. I just want to see straight (or as straight as possible) when I open my eyes in the morning. Plus, I want the headaches and overall tiredness to stop. Eye problems are a physiological strain upon the body. And…that’s an understatement.
So…that’s the scoop. Thanks for reading.

Hope this helps anyone else going through the same thing.

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Living With Diplopia

One of the consequences of my car accident, 33 years ago, is the fact I sustained eye damage from my head hitting the dash and then going through the windshield. This resulted in a damaged nerve and weak muscle in my leg eye.

Due to this, I have lived with diplopia (double vision) for this entire time period. Only ten years ago did I find out that there was a prism available for eyeglass lenses. (I wear glasses). The good part about it is, I know what makes the symptoms worse. So, I avoid these triggers.

Upon recuperating from my car accident enough to where I could function in society, I went to an ophthalmologist about what to do regarding correcting my double vision. I was told that there was a surgery available. Good news. However, it consisted of cutting a healthy muscle in order to align my eyes. No so good news. I like to keep my healthy muscles.

This is a chapter excerpt from my upcoming book about living in a body cast for two years.

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