Carrying Around A Notepad & A TKR

Hi my favorite readers! While recently meeting with a client, I found myself reaching for my favorite writing tool – a notepad. Suddenly, I started thinking about all the uses and reasons for having these versatile delights and how grateful I am for their existence. I have a number of pads on hand, ranging from small pocket-sized to 8″x11″. They all come in handy for different purposes. Since many of you have contacted me about your favorite writing tools, I thought it would be fun to share some of my insight. Here are some reasons for carrying around a notepad:

* One kept on a nightstand will be handy for late night “light bulbs”. Some of your best thoughts are “ah hah” moments that occur during the dreaming stage. How many times have you woken during the night with the world’s best idea, only to forget it when you wake up in the morning? If you’re like me, it’s too many. (That is, until I started placing a notepad on my nightstand..:)) Being able to quickly jot down these insights can be the difference between forgetting the thought and using your insight for better purposes.

Be certain to place the pad in a location that is easy-to-reach. The last thing you need is to fall out of bed when reaching for your notepad. Place it within an arm’s reach from your sleeping site. This makes for a quick and convenient jotting platform.

* Carry a notepad with you throughout the day. This allows you to jot down a great thought (only if in your mind..:) ) as soon as you think of it. This will keep it fresh in your memory. How many times have you thought of something that was a great thought when it happened? This is along the same lines as thoughts that occur during the sleep cycle. You don’t write it down and try to recall it later…you’ve probably forgotten about it.

* Notepads make fantastic recording devices for driving situations. By carrying one in your car or other vehicle, you can write down license plates of drivers who deserve to be reported to the police. You can write down crime site locations and/or descriptions of people involved in crimes. The list goes on and on.

Put one either on your dashboard, in your glove compartment, drink container holding site, or attach it to your sun visor. Sun visors, in my opinion, are offer the most convenience and ease. Be sure to put a pen or other writing utensil next to it, for super easy recording of needed information.

* Write down your daily moods, happenings, and thoughts as a form of journalizing. Many of those journal entries can be turned into an informative article that helps others.

* Use your notepad as a food journal. This objective tool can help you maintain or lose weight. Being able to actually read what you consume can be a real shocker. Being shocked may be what is needed to make a positive change. Weight loss experts are consistently promoting food journals as weight management tools.

* If you like lists, you can maintain your list of daily activities to do in your handy notepad. Update your list by simply whipping out your notepad and writing your new task in it.

* For those tkr patients among us, we could write down our daily progress, questions, and/or activities. It would be your recuperation journal. Take it with you to your doctor’s visit. It will help you keep track of how things are going. (This’ll fit in great with the search engines. 🙂 )

Why am I writing a blog post about this? I was going to write on a phenomenal topic, but cannot remember what it was. I didn’t write it down in my notepad. 🙁

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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