"Take That, Whaler Boy!"

Fridays are the day for Eddie Olyczk to make his guest spot appearance on NHL Live!  Well, today he was down in the dumps and concerned because his Chicago Cubs were down in their series.  He talked about the Cubs for a bit.  Fast forward a few minutes….

Don LaGreca is reading fan email, one from someone living in Hartford, Connecticut.  This fan was stating he lost respect for Eddie O due to him talking about the Chicago Cubs and not only about hockey. After all, according to the fan, NHL Live! is supposed to be about hockey.

Bad idea….EJ Hradek started to defend Eddie O and was adament about it.  Then, Don LaGreca started in.  As he grew more passionate and adament, he suddenly said….”So take that, Whaler Boy!” (in reference to the Hartford Whalers’ hockey team).

Moral of story:  Don’t bad mouth Eddie O to the NHL Live! guys…or…you’ll be sorry. It made for good entertainment.

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