The History of the Octopus & the Detroit Red Wings

Some hockey fans may be wondering about why Detroit Red Wings fans get so much thrill out of throwing and seeing an octopus on the ice. There is a reason here…Read below for some insight into the history of the octopus and the Detroit Red Wings..


The octopus is a tradition in Detroit Red Wings history that dates back to the 1952 Stanley Cup Playoffs. An octopus has eight legs and each leg symbolizes a win along the path to the Stanley Cup. It used to take eight victories to clinch the coveted Lord Stanley.


There has been talk recently about some other teams and fans getting irritated over our octopi (plural for octopus). Too bad. They’re just jealous they don’t have any hockey tradition. More and more teams are starting their own tradition.


Did you see at a recent game how one of the Colorado Avalanche players actually picked up the octopus from the ice and tossed it into the stands? Know what happened? That lousy team lost. Someone is on our side, like the octopus Gods. They like and respect tradition.  The octopus is our good luck charm.


There have been complaints that the octopus leaves slime behind on the ice when it’s removed. Too bad. Get over it. Bunch of cry babies.


There also has been whining about the slime causing havoc on the ice. Gee. This tradition has been around for 60 years, why hasn’t that been brought up before? Get over it. Bunch of whiners.


Most importantly, anyone who doesn’t understand the significance of the fabled octopus and the Detroit Red Wings’ tradition needs to learn about it. It really is an interesting story. Otherwise…Quit crying over it, you bunch of losers.


Don’t mess with tradition!


Written by a long-time Detroit Red Wings fan  and proud of it. 🙂  

Marie (aka Booktoots)


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