The Importance of Icing After A TKR

Hi everyone. The importance of icing after a tkr cannot be overemphasized, especially during recuperation. I have always found icing to be the best pain killer. Plus, it’s cheap and easy. It’s time consuming, though.

Icing in 10-minute increments is recommended immediately after exercise. I actually went for longer time periods. It can be tiresome having to ice every single day, sometimes multiple times during the day. It beats pain meds, though and is definitely worth the time.

I am 18 months post tkr and I still ice if I feel I need it. My knee just doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s still swollen, however. I was told by my surgeon that it probably always will be. That’s fine with me.

The manner in which my tkr knee area is supposedly permanently swollen differs from how it swelled up after exercise during my very early total knee replacement recuperation phase, though.

During the first weeks post-tkr- after exercise it was tender and pink. Now it’s not. It just looks like a fat knee with a large scar going down the center of it.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing. Ice, ice, ice. It’s important after a tkr.

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Icing After A TKR”

  1. lol…at “the fat knee with a scar going down the center”…..a few weeks ago, I took some pics of my knee, just for fun….and boy are my legs fat and ugly!

    And now, with a suntan, even my scar is tanned……

    and I deleted the pics from my camera and my computer….lol

  2. I agree booktoots…..icing often has really helped me out. I am 8 weeks out from my TKR now and back at work full time. I try to ice my knee at work (a school) if i have a chance and try to elevate the knee when I can. I find it is still very swollen each day. I look forward each day to coming home to my ice pack! It does beat the pain pills that caused me to be so spacy!

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