TKR Knee Getting Hot?

I have gotten questions regarding some of my readers wondering whether their tkr knee warmth is “normal”. I say “yes!”

Personally, it was during my in-home therapy sessions that my pt person told me to put my hand over my knee and feel the heat. This was after another grueling workout session. “That means you’re working it. It’s a good thing,” is what she told me. And, it was very warm – if not hot.

I would estimate that for the first two months after my total knee replacement surgery, my knee would heat up after my exercising. Riding an upright bike really brings out the warmth. 🙂

Hope this helps! Good luck…:)

2 thoughts on “TKR Knee Getting Hot?”

  1. Funny, I never really noticed the warmth until I read this post… today I’ve been conducting my own experiments….lol….and it really is warmer than the other one!

    It’s almost like it has a fever……lol

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