Walking Through a Haunted Corn Maze

Part of the recuperation process involving a total knee replacement includes walking on uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your viewpoint, we need to be careful about the surface we walk on. They can either strengthen us, or cause us harm.

It’s been about nine months since my tkr, and I still get tired after walking a while on uneven surfaces. It’s definitely better than before my surgery, though. There is no doubt about that! Far too many times, I remember my ankle swaying back and forth causing me undue hardship and pain. It’s not a pleasant feeling. It could be worse, though.

Last week I had the pleasure of partaking in a haunted cornfield maze. It was a blast, but involved uneven dirt surfaces. It was the first time since my total knee replacement that I walked a distance on dirt. Dirt surfaces are always a point of concern for me. If it had been raining at all that day, there is no way I’d feel comfortable walking on that surface.

Anyways, throughout the walk, I was fine. It was only upon getting home that I realized how tired I was. That tiredness turned into pain as the evening progressed.

The knee pain diminished within a few hours. All I did is sit on the sofa, prop my leg up on a pillow, and ice it. It worked. Plus there was some good hockey on television. 🙂

It took longer to get rid of my sore throat caused by all the silly screaming I did. Those evil reapers will get me every time.

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