Two Year Post TKR Update

I just re-read my 20-month post tkr post. Nothing much has changed, actually, with my two year post tkr update – except: Now that I have reached the two year point, I do not have to take antibiotics whenever I go to the dentist. That’s great, in my opinion.

I attribute my success to the fact that I have diligently exercised every day. Starting out it was the rehab-type exercises. We all know the tremendous amount of work involved in doing that. I enjoyed it, however. I’ve always enjoyed exercising. I feel frustrated and “fat” when I don’t do some sort of exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. I also eat a healthy diet.

I have been very fortunate that I have not had any infections or other ill health along the way. My scar has healed wonderfully. In fact, it’s a trophy of sorts. 🙂

My shoe lift is obviously the correct size. After reading comments from other tkr patients, I feel very fortunate with this.

My knee clicked for only a couple of weeks. I wrote a blog post about that. I haven’t had any problem with that since.

Stairs are still a big bite. Going downstairs is more painful. Going upstairs is more of a strain on my “good” knee. I’m not overweight, either.

If I sit in a traditional office-style chair, it is not fun getting out of it. After sitting in the chair for about 15 minutes, it usually takes a few minutes for my tkr leg to adjust and “straighten out” upon standing up. It can be very painful. I believe this is related to my extensive nerve damage. (I’ve written another post about that. Nerve damage was caused by bone spurs).

When using a public restroom, the height of the toilet seat is a concern. Most times I need to use the hand rails. If there are not any, I look around for something else to hold onto. If there is nothing to hold onto, I wish I was a male… (they can stand and take care of their #1 business…my attempt at a joke).

If I bend my tkr beyond a certain point, it is extremely painful. I just don’t bend it beyond that point. (Remember that joke..”Hey, hurts when I do this,” says the patient. “Don’t do it” replies the doctor.)

It is painful when I first start to ride my stationary bike. My tkr does start to “warm up” after about two minutes.

My tkr swells up a bit when exercising more than about 30 minutes. The swelling is no where near what it was during my recuperation exercise process. Sometimes I put ice on it, other times I don’t. It’s not that big of a deal.

I can walk without the pain associated with pre-tkr functioning. I can function on a daily basis without that level of pain. The thrill of that cannot be described in words.

My tkr has about 115 flexibility. That’s better than it was prior to my tkr. I’m not worried about it when discussing my two year post tkr update.

I can kneel, but it is very slow and deliberate. And, it’s uncomfortable. I only do it when necessary. And, it’s done on a cushioned surface.

I don’t participate in any impact sports or perform any sudden movements of my tkr. There’s a snow tubing expedition coming up that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with. Snow shoeing is doable, though. 🙂

My “good” knee makes crunching sounds regularly. This occurs when I go up stairs or just walk. That’s not what I want to hear.

My “good” knee also swells up and is a bit tender after exercising or doing stairs. That’s not what I want to see.

I can lay flat and my tkr leg will settle into position without much pain. Some days it takes longer than other days. No big deal.

I can sleep through the entire night. That’s right. It does happen, just takes a LONG time. I can even sleep on my tkr side without pain. Usually, though, it is painful to stand up after laying on that side.

Well, that’s all I can think of now. Overall…all the PAIN, sleepless nights and frustration of having a tkr are worth it to me. Not once during the original recuperation did I regret having the surgery. Not once since have I regretted it.

Hope this tkr blog post helps others going through their two year post tkr phase.

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AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physicality concerns.

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25 thoughts on “Two Year Post TKR Update”

  1. Sounds wonderful! Mine is doing quite good also…..but, my hubby bought a Corvette (I know, I know) and getting in and out of THAT is a sight to behold! I won’t ever be able to drive it by myself though………

    The rainy weather still makes my leg ache, more so than just the cold weather.

    I’m pleased…..overall.

  2. I am 4 weeks out, glad I had it done but having most issues with extension. I had a muscle spasm in my hamstring when in the hospital that has given me all sorts of fits during the rehab process.

    Glad you posted your process, a great inspiration to us with our tkr!

  3. I’m 11 months and 3 weeks post op TKR. I’m so glad you posted. I read your post and nodded my head as I read. My TKR has a little more flexion, almost full extenstion, very little pain and as you say, when I stand it sometimes takes a few seconds that feel like hours to get to full length. It settles into full extensin when lying down but also takes a few seconds to do that also. No swelling noted but I didn’t have much swelling during rehab either.
    I now have surgery scheduled for March for a bone spur originating from the back of my heel impinging on my Achilles Tendon which is very painful. For a while after the TKR, I thought that pain was part of the TKR. Only after 6 months TKR did I find out it was a bone spur which will now be removed.
    I feel like the poster that says she feels her life has changed tremendously. I too feel as though there are many things I can’t do any longer. Skiing is out. Running, jumping is out. I can walk and with the spur being removed soon, I should be doing that painfree soon. I had no choice in having a TKR and I have to remind myself of that. The knee was injured and repaired from skiing; no arthritis but it was getting very unstable and I wouldn’t have been able to walk if not for the TKR. I suppose it will never be as good as the real natural thing and sometimes I mourn that.
    I’m grateful for the fact that this technology exists that allows me to walk.

  4. I am about 2 years out from a TKR on my left knee. Some strange things are starting to happen, however. Every now and then I get clicking sounds which I have learned to live with. Normally, I am pain free, except now my knee locks up when in the bent position while sitting in a chair. It causes me excruitiating pain, and I have a real hard time getting it to go straight. When I finally do, it makes a loud clunking sound. It is happening more and more. I have even noticed it now when in the straight position I can’t get it to bend without the pain, and the clunk. After it finally goes to where I want it to go, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Has anyone ever heard of this? I believe I have a Stryker knee. I am going to be 50. I am to young to be debilitated.

  5. Who and how did they determine that you had a bone spur in the back of your heel impinging on your Achilles Tendon? I have been doing PT for my Achilles Tendon since I felt the exercises for TKR had caused me to injury my Achilles Tendon but they do not seem to be helping. So maybe I need to get a diagnoses since it has been six months.

  6. Jim, I thought it was pain from having a TKR. After about 6 months I started doing stretching exercises for the Achilles Tendon THEN went to my ortho who did an exam by feeling it only and told me it was inflamed. He said to do exercises..which I was already doing. Another month passed and finally I gave up and made an appointment with a podiatrist who did an x ray. The x ray showed the bone spur but he said anyone over 40 has them and the first thing he wanted to try was decreasing the inflammation. He told me the first thing is no exercises, Voltran creme twice a day and ice paks often. This took the swelling down but it continued to be painful. On the second visit he verified the swelling was down and it was still painful so the spur had to be removed as it was still digging into the Achilles even though it wasn’t swollen any longer. They try to avoid the surgery and that’s why he wanted to see what would happen if the swelling was gone. He knew when the pain persisted that the bone spur was too big to be left in place and surgery was necessary.
    Good luck to you. It takes two months of no weight bearing after the surgery to let the Achilles Tendon heal and he said ABSOLUTELY NO WEIGHT BEARING. I just want to be able to stand and walk without pain. The knee is’s the Achilles Tendon that is painful.

  7. Debbie, I agree with Ann. That does not sound right about your
    knee locking up on you and making loud sounds. Definitely see
    your surgeon and have him do xrays to see what’s going on.
    I am 16 months out with my left knee and 7 months with my right.
    I still get soreness in both knees but nothing would term as pain.
    Am wondering how long it takes for the soreness and stiffness to
    go away or will it always be there? I also do not regret getting my
    TKR’s as I was in a lot of pain before getting them.

  8. Thanks for your up-date. It was very encouraging to me. I am 7 months since my TKR right knee & I have clicking sounds when I bend the knee. It’s not really painful, more aggrevating. But it was helpful to read some comments others left of what their OS said the clicking is. I do my stretching & exercises daily still and have really come to enjoy it. My knee feels better afterwards which is a nice reward. I continue to work on losing weight. I have about 30 more pounds to lose to reach the “ideal” weight for my height. I’ve lost 38 since I started that goal almost 2 yrs. ago. I do need to have my left knee replaced also at some point. I am hoping to get the right one to a place I feel comfortable with tackling the recovery process on the left.

  9. An update:
    I had the bone spur removed and the Achilles Tendon repaired and have been on crutches and in a wheelchair for almost 3 weeks. I have 5 more weeks till I can put weight on it and until then I won’t know the outcome of this surgery.

  10. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. My suggestion: hang in there, it does get better. Keep doing your exercises. If the pain is unbearable, check with your doctor.
    Take a look around my site for more support and information.
    Stay in touch with your progress.
    Good luck!

  11. I am 26 months post TKR. 60 Yr. Female. I have had painful clicking and locking for about one year now. Had cortisone injections to no avail. Had arthroscopic surgery in October to remove scar tissue. 14 days later developed a DVT. Have been on coumadin since. My knee is loose and I am scheduled for revision surgery August 4. 2-3 days prior a filter will be inserted in my vein to stop any clots from breaking and going to my lungs. I am not looking forward to this. Has anyone had the dreaded revision surgery?

  12. Hi it’s good to see others comments. i had a TKR in Feb. and have been doing physio. 3x a week ever since. I had muscular and tendon pain at 3 monts. had swelling initially relieved with anti-inflammatory for a couple of weeks. I thought I was doing really well and physio. had me stop all but lighter stretching and bike. She manipulated and massaged the knee and patella which was tender, quads too. Then another physio replaced her and strongly felt I had not worked the knee because I hadn’t liked the chronic pain and had been too reserved in my physio.
    This difference in opinion is fine except that I sit here a week short of 6 months post-op with irritating pain which is increasing the more I work the knee to handle stairs up and down. I can walk long distances the last couple of months and have been active all along. I live alone and have to look after the house and daily events without any help since the surgery. I don’t think I over did that just graduated to more as I could handle things.

    I see the surgeon who every visit told me the knee is fine. I don’t know what to think. I work hard during the physio sessions but the knee cap and side of knee remains painful the more I try to strengthen the muscles with 6″ stepping up and down, squats , and weights. The patella moves side to side with manipulation with fingers moving it but not as much up and down. Why am I having this stifness there after so long and what is anyone`s advice to tell the surgeon in a couple of weeks when I have my next appt.É

  13. I do believe that all of us with an tkr for the rest of our lifes will have to take an antibiotic before any type of dental or surgery.

  14. Hi Don,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I was told something different and just wrote a blog post about it – dated today 04/09. Take a look!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  15. 1 1/2 years post TKR. Well, the first 8 to 10 months I still had a slight limp, but now no limping and feeling very good. I recently started to do the Elipticalexercise Machine for 20 minutes. I could not do the Eliptical Machine before the operation. Also, I am doing the weights: Leg press, leg curls, and leg extensions. MY QUESTION: Are these leg exercises okay for me to do? Can they be bad for my TKR? I don’t use heavy weights and just increase the reps as I get stronger. I am getting up the stairs much better because of the leg exercises. The knee still looks swollen, but no pain. I think it is still healing. I will be back Feb. 2012 to give you the Doctor’s update.

  16. 1 1/2 years post TKR. Well, the first 8 to 10 months I still had a slight limp, but now no limping and feeling very good. I recently started to do the Elipticalexercise Machine for 20 minutes. I could not do the Eliptical Machine before the operation. Also, I am doing the weights: Leg press, leg curls, and leg extensions. MY QUESTION: Are these leg exercises okay for me to do? Can they be bad for my TKR? I don’t use heavy weights and just increase the reps as I get stronger. I am getting up the stairs much better because of the leg exercises. The knee still looks swollen, but no pain. I think it is still healing. I will be back Feb. 2012 to give you the Doctor’s update. NOTE: I did buy a nice Recumbent Bike for the house and use everyday

  17. Almost 7 months TKR revision of a partial knee replacement on my right knee. Not a lot of pain anymore and I can walk with very little limp at times. Sometimes, when I first get up from laying down or sitting I do limp for a few. I still am not bending past 105 or straightening at 0. It is painful while trying to straighten and bend but still hope I will be fine at 1 year. My OS seems to think I will be fine by then. I have the heel pain which is supposed to be caused by one leg not being straight yet. The pain varies from day to day.. OS offered a cortisone shot but I turned it down.. still thinking about it tho. The worst pain from my knee is when I am laying in bed on the opposite side of the tkr..If I lift my leg the pain is horrid..(the outside of my knee down the shin and the back of my knee down the calf) but it goes away as soon as I get it settled again. I had a TKR on my left knee 4.5 years ago and the pain was gone after 5 weeks. I thought my right knee would be just as easy but maybe because it is 1/2 revised it is taking longer. If I had a 3rd knee..I would do the surgery again..if necessary.. I am 68. 🙂

  18. I had TKR done in 2009. A year and the half later I developed Achilles Tendonitis on the same leg as the TKR. The same with mine. Has anyone else here had this occur?

  19. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I have not experienced Achilles Tendonitis, but know of other readers who have. They have willingly shared their stories throughout this site. Take a look around and realize you are not alone in your recuperation process.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  20. Had tkr 3-12 after several surgeries to include bypass surgery, staff Infection and two revisions last on 4-9-13. Having severe pain on standing and straightening. Just got a stationary bike and having nerve block done to help. This is just a summary of the 13 total surgeries to my leg, the withdrwal from pain meds and effect on your family. All of this and more. I have seen people do very well with tkr , but I’m not one of them.

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