Hi everyone. After receiving many requests for my update for two weeks after my tkr, I wanted to share the news about my total knee replacement recuperation at this stage again with everyone.


My entire tkr leg was a dead weight.

This was quite unexpected since no one told me about this happening. I needed to lift my leg with my hands to get into bed or a chair.

Undergoing home physical therapy.

A physical therapist was coming to my home three times a week. She would not let me give up on myself.

Exercises consisted of sitting in a chair, using my “good” leg to gently bend my tkr leg, and walking with crutches/walker – among other crucial total knee replacement recuperation exercises.

I couldn’t stand up long.

I got tired very easily. It took all I had to even stand up with my crutches. So…

Needed someone to prepare my meals.

I was too weak/tired to carry pots and pans or cook meals.

I did my own personal care.

This included dressing, shampooing, showering (every carefully), and personal hygiene tasks.

Was in continual pain.

The doctor’s office handed me a painkiller prescription that cost $100 for 10 pills. Insurance didn’t cover the costs. So, since the price was out of my budget, I chose aspirin. That is one reason I was in continual pain.

I was in so much pain on one day when my physical therapist was scheduled to come over, I called and canceled. She wouldn’t allow it and came over as scheduled. “This is the time when you especially need your physical therapist,” she told me. It was brutal, but effective. I did feel better after doing some exercises.

I was using my crutches to walk around the house.

I did this every other hour for 10 minutes. I knew that exercising/walking would be a benefit. It helped speed my healing process.

No driving.

I had an automatic shift, and my tkr leg could not move enough to even enter/exit the car.

That’s about it for now. When, and if, I think of something else about my update for two weeks after my tkr– I will freely share the news on this total knee replacement blog.

Do you have any two weeks after a tkr story to share? I am certain others will benefit from your insight.

Find this total knee replacement blog post about my update for two weeks after my tkr interesting? Kindly share…

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  1. I just returned home from my 2 weeks post op visit. I am walking pretty well using a walking stick. I have an ice machine and am using it at night and in the afternoons after being somewhat active in the mornings. Although I’m off the narcotics – I used them 4 days- I am doing 600 mg ibuprofen every 6 hours, supplemented by acetaminophen 500 as needed.
    My Dr removed the staples today and attached steri strips which will come off after a week. He told me I was doing really great, but he strongly cautioned me not to expect too much too soon. There will be more bad days ahead, and hopefully more good ones too.
    Day 11 was my worst so far, and it was the day I found this blog, which really encouraged me to hang in there.
    I’m having trouble getting used to not driving and relying on others for transportation. Getting into and out of the car is a bit easier this week, but I cannot walk very far outside without pain.

  2. Hi Andrea! Thanks for posting your inspiring tkr update to my blog. I am confident others will find it helpful. Relying on others, I believe, is one of the most difficult parts of any total knee recuperation. You sound like you’re doing great, though. Keep up the fantastic work!
    Remember to check back here often to realize you are not alone.

  3. I am on my 3rd week after tkr. I can walk some without cane. My knee still does the give out feeling when I walk. Still hurts and is tight. I do all the exercises everyday. I’ve watched videos of people dancing after 2 weeks. Makes me feel bad that I’m still in pain. What am i doing wrong? It’s also still swollen. Not sure if I want to get other knee done.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr concern comment. Since everyone recuperates at their own level, it does not sound like you’re doing anything “wrong” to me. You, actually, are doing much better than I was at your stage. Do not compare yourself to others. It’s dangerous. I have written posts about this. Take a look around my site for further insight.
    Best of luck and keep in touch!

  5. So glad I found this blog! I am scheduled to TKR on my left knee 10/24/19. Am nervous but sick of pain limiting me.

  6. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Congratulations on scheduling your surgery after realizing it has reached a point to do so.
    You may find my ebook titled “Patient’s Perspective On Preparing For Your TKR” helpful. It contains information not in standard literature. Anyways, the link is: https://booktoots.com/books
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  7. Booktoots-

    I think I am finally ready to have my knee replaced with so much pain and it is really getting in the way of my passion- road cycling.
    I was shocked to hear that your insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of pain RX. I’ve never heard of that, but your story inspires me to check on this with Medicare and my Supplement.
    Hope your recovery continues. Please keep us posted!

  8. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to leave your tkr comment. Yes, my recovery has went well. Glad my insight can help you.
    BTW…Are you aware that I have written an ebook titled “Patient’s Perspective On Preparing For Your TKR”? It contains first-hand experience not found in standard patient literature. Anyways, you can purchase the book via PayPal. Here’s a link for more information:

    Keep in touch and best of luck!

  9. Hi,
    I am 8 days past my TKR and am 72 yrs old. It is more painful than I expected. The ice machine and meds help, but I wasn’t expecting ankle pain too.

    My therapist is putting my shoes on for me and I will try walking down steps and my ramp tomorrow.

  10. Hi Lois,
    I also left a private message for you.
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. It sure is more painful than what we expect, isn’t it? I also experienced ankle pain like you are.
    Keep doing your exercises, stay in touch, and good luck!

  11. I am seven days in. Transitioning from the walker to a walking stick. Palms of my hands are sore from leaning on the walker. I have to be more deliberate about each step but I can do it. I just moved upstairs from a downstairs bedroom and it’s a little difficult to maneuver the stairs but I manage. Went out for a pedicure and lunch today. I was feeling a little cooped up. It was good to get out but about an hour after I got home I couldn’t get that ice machine on my leg fast enough. Probably overdid it a little and had a good deal of swelling. It’s been several hours and I feel like I can relax. I try hard not to take pain pills but it’s hard because it hurts! Hurts a lot!
    I scheduled a physical therapist to come twice a week to keep me on track because I’m afraid I will wimp out and not do the exercises. I hope they can keep me on track so I can have good results. This is no joke for sure!

  12. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. You sure are doing a lot more than what I was capable pg at the two week post-op period. 🙂 Keep in touch and good luck!

  13. I had a TKR on Tuesday 10-22-2019. Can someone please tell me how long this bone chilling pain will last. I don’t like opioids but can’t get through this pain without them. Are we thinking two weeks 3 or more? I can live with pain but this postoperative day 3 is crazy painful. Being pain free I know is unrealistic, But can someone please share how long before the really acute pain will last

  14. Hi Mick,
    Thanks for visiting and post your tkr comment. Everyone is different, but my immense pain lasted for months and months. I have written article posts about this topic. My Search Box can help you find the articles. It is located on my right sidebar. Scroll down a bit to find it. Then, type in ‘pain’. That will bring up a slew of articles discussing tkr pain.
    Hope this helps. Best of luck and keep in touch! It does get better, btw. 🙂

  15. I’m so glad I found this blog. My surgery was Oct. 3rd. It’s been a roller coaster both physically and emotionally. I will have a good day and then follow with a bad day. My leg is still very tight and stiff. I keep pulling or stretchy g my thigh muscle which is extremely painful. Anyone else experience that?

  16. Thank you for this site. So glad I have found it. I’m a 63 year old woman who just had tkr on Thursday the 24th. In a fair bit of pain and can’t believe how stiff the knee and thigh muscles are. Like a tight band around the upper thigh. Any one else experience this? I am religiously doing my post op exercises 3x a day, but how well I’m doing them, who knows. Just want to get through the next 2 weeks.

  17. Just read the previous comments and can especially relate to the first one. My tkr leg was a dead weight after surgery and no one told me that would happen. I could not lift it into bed, off the floor etc by myself. A friend suggested I form a loop with a bathrobe tie and use that as s leg lifter and lo and behold it worked. At least now I can get out of bed myself. Does everyone have this dead weight syndrome and how long before any muscle tone comes back? I exercised the tkr leg weeks before surgery and could do 20 leg lifts no problem and now this…

  18. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. I also religiously did pre-op exercises, yet was totally unprepared for the “dead weight” issue. I thought I wrote about that previously. It looks like I did I have reprinted the article so you can take a look at it. It was originally written in 2016.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  19. Hi-

    I had my tkr on October 30. My doctor told me before leaving the hospital I needed to be able to bend my leg to a 90 degree angle in a week. That’s today – I not quite there. I’m worried- will my movement be inhibited later. I am working on it everyday with exercises given to me by my PT. She is coming 2-3 week. Pain and swelling are there not a huge issue.

  20. Hi Trish,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr bend comment. I had the same concerns and needed to work diligently at it for a while. I have written about this in posts/articles throughout my site. Take a look around for further insight.
    Keep in touch and best of luck!

  21. Just back from my 2 week post-op appointment. My knee is healing well. I had the staples removed. I do have more swelling than normal behind my
    knee. The doctor attributed that to the compression sock, so now I wear that only when out walking.

    My flexibility still needs improving. I was suppose to have my knee at 90 degrees by now and I didn’t make it. The exercises are so painful! But my PT showed me another stretch that still flexes the knee but uses different muscles. It’s helping. My doctor also said walking has helped a lot of his patients regain their flexibility. So that’s what I’m doing now. I am off the walker just using a cane or crutch and walking around the neighborhood. Feeling positive!

    Thank you Booktoots!

  22. I am so happy to find this site as I am feeling particularly lonely in my TKR recovery. I am in the UK and twelve days in. It is so good to find that I am not alone in the pain aspect , particularly the foot and ankle, but I also have pain in my left hip having had a left knee replacement. I am also feeling bouts of incredible tiredness where I need go to bed and sleep. I have no idea when I should be walking outdoors but have had a couple of strolls
    In my road and and am walking around my house with two arm sticks. Feeling sick is another problem I have and not wanting food but I am being fed!!!!! I am persevering with the exercises, sometimes I can do them others the pain and tightness is too much. Staples out in two days so I shall see what advice I get then. Thanks for all your comments. I guess what I have realised is that we are all different and I should not worry and let myself get down about it.

  23. Thank you for this blog site! Very helpful. I had tkr surgery on 10/31/19. Patience in this recovery is hard! No appetite and nausea from pain meds, but am now only using Tylenol and meloxicam. Past few nights have experienced insomnia…ugh! Any tips to help with that?

  24. Hi Deanna,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr insomnia comment. I have written about this in posts/articles throughout this site. Input ‘insomnia’ or ‘sleeping’ into the Search Box on the right side bar to be taken to a variety of articles.
    I also have authored a book titled ‘Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR’ which contains over 100 real-life patient stories that you may find helpful.
    I am currently updating my Books Page which allows direct purchasing from me, so for the time being you can purchase the book via Amazon and other online sites. Simply click on the book’s image to be taken to a description that contains various purchase sites.
    Hope this helps. Keep in touch and good luck!

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