Update on TKR Clicking

It’s nice to see how much support and feedback has been received about a post I did on tkr clicking. The original post was written over 2 years ago, but comments are still being posted. Apparently, I was not alone in experiencing this concern.

I felt an update was appropriate. (Probably because I was just asked for one…thanks to my favorite readers. 🙂 )

First of all, my total knee replacement surgery happened 02/2008. So, use the following information to form your opinion.

My tkr clicks when I first stand up after sitting for a while. A while can range anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. I get antsy sitting for longer than an hour, anyways. Sometimes my tkr knee clicks multiple times, other times it’s only once or twice.

I’m not concerned about it since it’s not causing any undue hardship, discomfort or pain. Plus, it’s not that common of an occurrence.

I count my blessings, since I understand that’s not the case for everyone who’s undergone a total knee replacement. After reading what some of my readers say about having doctors wanting to perform all kinds of surgery on them after a tkr, I also count my blessings for having an excellent tkr surgeon that doesn’t do that.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “Update on TKR Clicking”

  1. clunking…I’m now 6 months post op and ever since 3 months post op I get clunking with every step. Doctor keeps telling me to give it time. An xray of the implant shows everything is fine. However, I believe it is the kneecap or around it that is causing the problem and doesn’t show up on a normal xray. Concerned.

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