Update..Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Semis….

Wow…hockey at its best!!!! I haven’t been on here writing about tkr stuff much lately since the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoff Conference SemiFinals are in FULL SWING!! I’m usually too pooped after the games to do any writing. Watching the games takes it out of me. 🙂 (Not an excuse, but reality). The Chicago Blackhawks have advanced to the Conference Finals by beating the Vancouver Canucks. Kudos to the Hawks! It’s great seeing an Original Six team advance to this stage.

And….there is a Game 7 on tonight (in 40 minutes!) between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals. This has been such an exciting series. Of course, it is pure magic watching Sidney Crosby go against Alex Ovechkin. And, Malkin rocks – plus a swarm of others doing amazing things on ice. Fantastic…..:)

Tomorrow night (Thursday, May 14) is Game 7 between the Anaheim Ducks and Detroit Red Wings AT THE JOE!!! (Joe Louis Arena). WOOHOO!! It is great that Detroit has home ice advantage. That is going to be one great game. Yesterday’s match was a great game, but Anaheim tied the series. And, the ensuing brawl after the last whistle was very entertaining. 🙂 Anaheim can only push the Wings so far….and then…BOOM!!

There’s nothing like Game 7 playoff hockey to get the blood flowing. 🙂

No Hockey Song lyrics today due to yesterday’s loss to Anaheim. 🙁
Get ready for a GREAT GAME 7 showdown!!!

3 thoughts on “Update..Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Semis….”

  1. Was that the best playoff hockey series you’ve ever seen? It’s top 3 for me. Sidney Crosby played out of his mind and matured before our eyes.

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