Using Ankle Weights & A TKR

Recently (today), I figured it might be fun and adventurous to start using 2 pound ankle weights on each leg while going on my daily walks.  It worked out great!  There is no way that my tkr leg would have allowed this only a few short months ago.  How time heals all, eh?

Until today, the ankle weights were used to strengthen my quadriceps while laying down.  Or, they were used to straighten my hamstring out while laying on my stomach (OUCH!!)  Truthfully, they are a great asset for building up leg muscles.

This information is meant as a form of sharing since – well – if it can work for me, perhaps it will work for you as well.

Rock on!

1 thought on “Using Ankle Weights & A TKR”

  1. Hi, Marie,

    How’ve you been lately? Looks like possibly a lot of pain. My son-in-law’s father had a tkr back in ’05. It wasn’t a fun time in his life, for sure. He still needs to have the other one replaced. I hope you’re healing well.


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