Vestibular System Strengthening

How do you like that? I previously wrote about a balance improvement exercise involving walking. I thought I discovered it myself. As I’ve been doing research into this area, I came across “official” sources that discuss the same issue. Nice….

Walking is a recommended exercise for strengthening the vestibular system. I found that on the University of Michigan Medical Center site. Cool…The vestibular system is the one that can cause vertigo, dizziness and/or inner ear imbalance symptoms. When first starting, walk without turning your head. Strengthening your legs helps to improve your body’s balance. As you become stronger, slowly begin turning your head to each side. And…I mean…slowly. Have someone accompany you, if needed. You can also walk next to a wall and hold onto the wall for support.

I don’t know about anyone else, but since balance has been an issue for me for so long (mainly due to my leg length discrepancy)…I figure others are going through the same thing.

Hope this helps! Find interesting? Kindly share…

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