Water-Based TKR Clicking..WHAT??!!

Hi my favorite readers! I’ve written previously about tkr clicking occurring  after my surgery. The short-lived experiences all occurred on land.   When it does happen, it is very sporadic and not painful. Something recently happened involving water-based tkr clicking that is worth sharing…

It happened while I was swimming. Water is known for its buoyancy factor, meaning it supports most of the body weight. It takes pressure off your joints. That’s why it makes such a fantastic exercise medium. Anyways…

I was swimming and suddenly my knee felt like it was clicking. It was the strangest feeling. It only last for a few kicks. What a bizarre feeling, though.

Since then, it has happened occasionally. There is no pain associated with it. Talk about strange…

Well, that’s the end of my experience with water-based tkr clicking. Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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