What? A Swollen Knee….still?

It’s been almost 6 months after my total knee replacement and my knee has really swollen up today.  I’ve been exercising more while attempting to increase its flexibility.  I’ve gone up and down 18 stairs 3x today. Going downstairs is getting easier,  but the swelling has increased.  Yesterday I went on my routine walk around the motorcycle course.  I’ll forgo that tonight and elevate my leg while laying down.

The pain involving my tissues and muscles is worthy of a pain med.  There is no pain in the knee joint, though.

I guess I’ll be a couch potato with my laptop while icing my knee. Hmm…I wasn’t prepared for my knee to remain swollen for so long after my tkr.  Oh well….

1 thought on “What? A Swollen Knee….still?”

  1. May 22, 2008, I had TKR on both knees, something I would not recommend doing, unless you are a youngster. Problem being is that you don’t have a good leg to stand on. Recovery has been hard. developed blood clots a week after surgery. so whatever progress had been done went done the drain. After a week of not moving, theraphy started again. I was in a rehab center where you got a different therapist each day and they all had different idea’s. Any way I am home going to a therapist, it seems to be slow going, one knee seems to bend and the other is stiff and tight. The therapist stretches it and brings me to tears. I try to do all the recommended exercises and walk each morning. Is there something I am missing? or do I just need to take more time. Is there a exercise that would benefit me

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