What About Those Personal Injury Lawyers?

Hi everyone. A television commercial just prompted my memory of something that I was apparently blocking. It involves my experience with personal injury lawyers after my car accident. Seems there is enough content with this and other stories for another book. Here is the scoop….

While I was laying in the Intensive Care hospital bed, completely drugged and almost coherent, I was approached by attorneys. “Hi, Marie. I hate to see you like this. Do you have legal representation? I bet you have a case,” I would hear. Since I was so out of it, I didn’t give the question a second though.

I could not talk at the time because of a closed head injury. I was recuperating from a multitude of injuries. I was attached to IVs and an oxygen machine. One attorney after another (I do not remember how many) simply put their card on my hospital bedside table. “Be sure to give me a call when you are up to it,” I heard. This happened both in Intensive Care and my ward room.

If this is not a case of a profession being predatory, I do not know what is. The situation came across as someone profiteering off the less fortunate.

It reminds me of when I worked as a State Bar auditor years later. When interviewing a personal injury lawyer, an ambulance sped by outside. Upon hearing the sirens, and me mentioning how someone was having a “trying day” – I heard, “Oh, that is the sound of money! That’s how I stay alive!” replied the attorney. At first, I thought he was kidding. Then I realized that, no, he was quite serious. That is when I realized that the rumors about personal injury lawyers were, indeed, real.

Even though personal injury lawyers do serve a purpose in helping others going through turmoil, and there are professionally competent ones, the insight I gained from those experiences was life-changing.

I was eventually referred to a personal injury lawyer by the local State Bar Association who put my interests above his own. That helped restore my hindered viewpoint of the hospital-based piranhas.

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