What Do Those Generalized Post-TKR Guidelines Mean?

Hi everyone. I have received a variety of comments from various readers asking about the significance of those generalized post-tkr guidelines found in literature. It got me thinking that it seems like an appropriate time to write a post. Thanks for the inquiries!

I believe the generic information provided gives us excellent insight into what to expect. It is important to remember that the data is written for the masses, not for one particular patient. That is the key:

We need to always take into consideration that everyone heals differently, at his or her own rate. Everyone brings a unique set of situations and health conditions with them into this arduous tkr surgery situation.

Here are some suggestions that may make dealing with recuperation easier. All are based on my real-life experiences.

* Gain insight without becoming frustrated. It is far too easy to think you are not progressing as planned when reading about generic information. This is simply not true.

* After reading the information, find another source to turn to for further real-life insight. Read comments from other tkr, total knee replacement, patients. I started this site/forum as a way to discuss my situation. It has eventually turned into a very supportive community where everyone feels comfortable sharing experiences.

* Read the generic literature and know that numerous variables exist. Know that if the data shows it is possible to drive after six weeks, it means that the average person does that. Do you have a manual or automatic transmission? If you have a manual transmission, was your tkr on your left leg? If so, that will make a HUGE difference.

* Know yourself. That is the key to success. Someone (like me) with 30-year old scar tissue will never have as much knee flexibility as someone who has zero tissue build-up. That is just an example.

* Have confidence in yourself. Instead of thinking about all the ways you can fall or fail, retrain your mind to view tkr recuperation as a step-by-step process, with each step building on the previous. It takes determination, patience, and diligence. Hard work will pay off. Never give up on yourself.

Well, that is all I can conjure up for now. Pick up some of this valuable generic information, but be sure to never downgrade your progress due to it. We are all different, but as the infamous philosopher Red Green says..”We are all in this together.”

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