When is Too Much, Too Much Exercise After TKR?

Hi everyone! I am resharing a popular post of mine regarding figuring out when is too much, too much exercise after a tkr? In other words,  knowing when you are overdoing your tkr exercise. Many of you have asked for it, so here it is. Hope it helps you. Keep on working….

While going to my physical therapist for my total knee replacement rehab, I asked her how to tell if I was overworking my muscles. “How do I know when too much is too much?” is what I asked her. She told me very matter of factly….”You can tell you’ve done too much when you hurt for two hours after your exercise is done.”

I’ve been using that as my benchmark ever since. It may work for you and other total knee replacement patients, also.

BTW…..I totally trusted my physical therapist. She was the only one who truly knew what I was going through. If you go to a physical therapist, you need to trust the person. You are in their hands, literally and figuratively. You two work as a team.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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