"Why Don't You Look Into the Camera?"

Recently, on the NHL Live! Show, a fan sent in an email questioning why the team of EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca do not look into the camera. What kind of question is that? I thought it was rather strange, but then again, it needed to be read. “Why don’t you look into the camera more?” was the emailer’s question.

First of all, the show is a XM/Sirius radio broadcast that happens to be televised on the NHL Network. It is not intended as entertainment such as a televised talk show. Anyways, the results of that question were very entertaining.

At the end of the segment after the email, Don LaGreca tried sticking his mug (face) into the camera. Only it was the wrong camera. That was funny.

Then, a couple of segments later, something memorable happened. (Strong chuckle goes here). At the end of commercial, the camera segways back into the NHL Live! Studio. What are viewers greeted with? An extreme close-up of Don LaGreca’s smiling mug face. Apparently, he had gotten up on a chair, grabbed a hold of the camera holder, and got as close as he could to the camera. To say it was entertaining, is an understatement. It was not a sight to behold. 🙂 It, truthfully, would have made a great Halloween mask. I’m not saying that Don LaGreca is not attractive, he’s just not eye candy like a Mike Modano-type is. 🙂

Another day of hockey entertainment supplied by the crew at NHL Live! Thank you…

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