Why My TKR Recuperation May Be Different than Yours

My readers are great. Thank you!! I just received an email from one of my favorite long-time contributors. We’ve been communicating for so long, I consider her one of my online friends. 🙂 She reminded me that I need to mention my individual situation as it relates to my tkr recuperation. Maybe by doing that, others can relate better. So…

Shoe lift. I wear an inch, external shoe lift. After my car accident, my femurs (thighbones) are different lengths. This has caused scoliosis, which is another article. Wearing a shoe lift has also caused my knee to not have average flexibility. (This means I have to work harder than the average bear to improve my tkr bend). I’ve been wearing an inch lift for the past 35 years. Due to that, my gait was “not normal” for all those years. When I had my tkr, I needed to learn how to walk like an average person. Even though I still wear a shoe lift, my gait is not what the average person has.

Scar tissue. I have different sites where there is excessive scar tissue surrounding my femur. There is a spot around my knee area. Another area is on the upper portion of my femur. And, still, another area is in the center of my femur. These individual areas of all due to multiple surgeries and fractures which occurred about 34 years ago. It was never mentioned that massaging scar tissue areas could help me back then. So…the excess tissue has been around for some time.

Bundled nerves. Due to my previous fractures, I have a noticeable nerve bundle on the inner portion of my thigh. It’s located closer to my knee than groin. I remember having a regular massage years ago. When the masseuse started working on my inner thigh, I almost went through the roof. The massage was cut short due to the pain level. (It was supposed to be relaxing). She mentioned how it was probably related to the accident, but it didn’t make any sense to me. Upon going through tkr rehab, my pt lady started doing a deep tissue massage. Once again, it was very painful. I learned that I needed to perform this massage on a regular basis in order to improve my tkr flexibility. The more massage done, the more the bundles are lessened. That is interesting to me.

Hopefully my individual background can help others going through a tkr recuperation. I’m simply trying to show how everyone recuperating from a tkr has a history that affects the entire process.

Good luck!

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1 thought on “Why My TKR Recuperation May Be Different than Yours”

  1. I am so glad you mentioned the massage! I have a massage once a week. I started having massages about 6 years ago due to fibromyalgia. I no longer say I have fibromyalgia! First few times I went in, I almost cried every time, it pain often made me scream. I kept it up though and now she can do almost anything during a massage and if she can’t it is because my masseur has gone to Hawaii to visit her daughter for a few weeks.

    Mentioning the scar tissue and massage was also a good tip. I wish I would have been told that when I had my hip replaced, they did massage at pt on my knee but not my hip and now I have lots of scar tissue.

    Keep up the good work! Information is worth everything.

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