Why Not Ask A TKR Survivor?

I am confused and frankly, frustrated, with things I have been reading. While doing research into bones, healthy knees, knee replacement, etc…I came across a recent study done by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

The study was done about the impact of certain activities upon an artificial knee joint. Four artificial joints had measuring devices in them and were implanted into four separate patients. The findings were presented to the audience, etc.

Instead of wasting money on studies, did anyone ask tkr recipients? No. A survey could have been conducted requesting tkr patients to provide feedback. What better way to get information than from actual patients? That’s my opinion, anyways.

If someone would have asked me about playing golf after my tkr, I could have told them of the increased stress. Due to that discomfort, I am not golfing anymore. The golf swing is quite stressful on my tkr joint and entire body. Some other individuals may differ. I wrote another post about this on this site.

And, now there’s a study involving four implanted patients that is surprising the medical community with the findings. Interesting…

For more information, here’s the link:


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